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3 Top Webites for freelancer work

urielbitton profile image Uriel Bitton ・1 min read

To help the community i list below 3 great websites where you can apply as a freelancer in programming. They offer jobs for anyone in development. The first 2 are great as they feature only the top 1-3% of freelancers and high quality clients. You just need to pass a skills test (some javascript, frontend, backend test) and you get hired by top clients all over the world!

1. Toptal

Website: Toptal
Requires skills test - high yield

2. Soshace

Website: Soshace
Requires skills test - high yield

3. Freelancer

Website: Freelancer
No skills test - lower yield


Website: Upwork
No skills test, submit resume - medium yield

Hit these up and best of luck!

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Shadow Scientist

Thank you for sharing! 🥰

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Thank you for the post 😅

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