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React Tricks Miniseries 7: How to setState for different data types

Setting state in react has always been a tricky thing. There are many ways to do it, but most of them are anti-patterns, whereas only a few ways are correct and best practice.

Let's take a look at how to correctly set a react state in the scenarios of different data types.

Let's skip strings since those are trivial.


Ignoring the case where we simply replace the number, updating a number state should be performed like this

setNumber(prev => prev + 1) //same for minus, multiple, divide, etc
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Object states are set by using the spread syntax:


setUser(prev => {
  newKey: newValue,
  updateKey: updateValue
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Array states are set by "creating" a new array inside the setState and simply inserting the new element after the previous state of the array.


setFruits(prev => [...prev, 'apple']) 
setFruits(prev => [...prev, {name: 'Apple', price: 5}]) 
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Setting states for different data types can get tricky, by using the best practices, always using the previous value, we can update the state using the proper methods.

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