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🧠💼 Unvalidated Ideas
🧠💼 Unvalidated Ideas

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💡 ArticleCache - read past the paywall

Paywalls are everywhere. This newsletter has some!

One thing about the internet is that publishers often allow some traffic to view a link and read it's content, and paywall the content later (for example if the article is popular).

💼 🧠 Build an extension that gets web surfers past paywalls

The average person doesn't know what Reader Mode is (and they don't use Firefox).

The opportunity here is to build a Chrome/Firefox add-on that activates on any site with a paywall and instantly gives people a way to travel to a version of the site without the paywall.

You won't be first to market (you don't want to be, anyway!), but the others that do it have not reached critical mass -- there's opportunity here.

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