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🧠💼 Unvalidated Ideas
🧠💼 Unvalidated Ideas

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💡 Build (AI?) for Box

Most people think of Dropbox or Google Drive for sharing files, but you know what enterprises use surprisingly often? Box.

Compare Dropbox's free cash flow versus Box's free cash flow. If we go off that alone, Box is about 1/4th as successful -- you know how many developers are building for Box? It's a rounding error compared to Dropbox.

💼 🧠 Build tools for the enterprise-friendly Box platform

The idea is vague because there's a lot of ways you can go with it. You can:

  • Find the most used Dropbox integrations and clone them
  • Create a new sexy integration (AI)
  • Pick an extremely boring task (PDF scanning) and get good at that
  • Find a startup that does document processing and build a similar functionality
  • Pick a feature from Dropbox/GDrive that Box doesn't have and implement it

The possibilities are endless, but what's clear is that we have a huge enterprise population on Box who are not getting much developer attention. Give them some attention.

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