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Laravel 11 (how to upgrade)

Exciting news for all Laravel enthusiasts! Laravel 11 has arrived with a fresh breeze of optimizations, enhancements, and some thoughtful restructuring. As developers, we're always eager to embrace the latest advancements, but transitioning to a new version can sometimes feel daunting. Fear not! We've got you covered with our updated Laravel-Hands-On guide.

In Laravel 11, the framework architects have revisited the folder structure, fine-tuning it to be more intuitive and streamlined. Some components have found new homes, aligning with Laravel's mission to simplify development without sacrificing flexibility. With these changes, navigating through your Laravel projects becomes even more straightforward.

If you are used to old folder structure and want to try the laravel-11 with new structure, then we have a perfect GitHub repo that will help in just doing that.

laravel-hands-on explain each topic of Laravel for both Laravel-10 and Laravel-11 as well. It was already equipped with laravel-10 and now it re-explain each topic in Laravel-11 as well, providing a smooth transition between Laravel-10 to 11.

It divides each topic into separate branch and give this kind of map that you can follow to go to the topic you want

Image description

go and check out the new branches and you can also suggest any topic you want to add from Github discussion.

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