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Sáng Minh Trần
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Top 10 GitHub repositoriess for Javascript developers 🚀

Data updated on May 21, 2024

Top 1. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures - 184k ⭐️

The high number of ⭐️ says it all 😎

If you want to learn JS to graduate and work as a Web Developer, but in school you are stuck with "Data Structures and Algorithms", then this is a great repo to help you combine both tasks.

One of the good things about this repo is that they clearly classify data structures and algorithms from basic to advanced.

👉️ Github:

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

Top 2. You Don't Know JS Yet - 177k ⭐️

Javascript developers must have known the famous book named "You Don't Know JS Yet".

And you're right, the entire content of this book sold for more than $25 on Amazon is published for FREE by the author - Kyle Simpson on the GitHub repo below 😍

If you grow up from the book in the future, please try to buy one to support the author 🌿

👉️ Github:

You Don't Know JS Yet

Top 3. Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide - 142k ⭐️

If any of you have worked on real projects, you surely know the concept of "Coding convention", which helps programmers in the team agree on a common list of rules in coding process 👨‍💻

And this repo is a convention specifically for Javascript programmers of Airbnb company - the world's leading company in the model of connecting tenants and renters of rooms and resort apartments 🌆

This repo details guidelines on best practices for writing clean, maintainable, efficient JavaScript code that ensures consistency and quality across projects.

Many projects in other companies also take this convention as a model (can be customized a bit) to apply to their dev teams.

👉️ Github:

Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide

Top 4. clean-code-javascript - 90k ⭐️

Another repo related to books 📚

This time it's a very famous book - known as the bedside book of programmers. The book is called "Clean Code" 🧹

This is the book ranked Top 1 Amazon Best Seller in the book category Software Design & Engineering 🥇

The author of this book is Robert C. Martin, also widely known as "Uncle Bob" 👨‍🦳

However, this clean-code-javascript repo on GitHub is not published by the author himself, but by a programmer named Ryan McDermott.

The examples in the original version of the book are coded in Java, which may cause some inconvenience for those new to programming and coding in Javascript. So the purpose of this repo is to remove those inconveniences.

👉️ Github:


Top 5. Microsoft Web Development for Beginners - 81.7k ⭐️

Looking at the name, I already see prestige. Located in the Top 5 position is a very good repo from Microsoft.

"Microsoft Web Development for Beginners" helps you learn Web programming principles with a 12-week course conducted by Microsoft Cloud Advocates 👨‍🏫

Through practice exercises, each lesson delves deeply into HTML, CSS and especially JS.

👉️ Github:

Microsoft Web Development for Beginners

Top 6. Awesome Interview Questions - 67.7k ⭐️

Awesome Interview Questions is a collection of rich and useful interview questions for many different fields and technologies, of course JavaScript is indispensable 🗂️

The goal of this repository is to help programmers prepare carefully for "brainstorming" interviews with companies 🧠

In addition to JavaScript, those programming in other languages ​​can also refer to this list.

👉️ Github:

Awesome Interview Questions

Top 7. 33 Concepts Every JavaScript Developer Should Know - 62.2k ⭐️

33 Concepts Every JavaScript Developer Should Know is a repo created with the purpose of helping developers master concepts in JavaScript.

The repo content includes a variety of genres: from lists of articles, lists of videos, to books so you can choose to study in your own way 📚

👉️ Github:

33 Concepts Every JavaScript Developer Should Know

Top 8. 30 Days Of JavaScript - 41.1k ⭐️

30 Days Of JavaScript is a challenge repo 🧗‍♂️

The challenges will be arranged in order from basic to advanced 📈

At the end of the challenge, you will receive a certificate from 30 Days Of JavaScript, recognizing your efforts 🎖️

  • Day 1 - 8: Learn basic knowledge such as Data Types, Operators, Conditionals, Loops, Functions, Objects.

  • Day 9 - 12: Knowledge of Higher Order Functions, Sets, Maps, Destructuring, Spreading, Regular Expressions.

  • Days 13 - 17: Console Object Methods, Error Handling, Classes, JSON, Web Storages.

  • Days 18 - 23: Promises, Closure, Clean Code, DOM, Event Listeners.

  • Day 24 - 30: Practice coding mini projects and final projects.

👉️ Github:

30 Days Of JavaScript

Top 9. What the f*ck JavaScript? - 34.1k ⭐️

Although JavaScript is great, many of you must admit that it is quite "funny" in some cases 🤡

The main goal of this repo is to collect such examples, and explain how they work (if possible)

You can read this repo for entertainment, after hours of stressful bug fixing, and times exclaiming "WTF?" when coding JavaScript.

👉️ Github:

What the f\*ck JavaScript?

Top 10. Project Guidelines - 29.2k ⭐️

And finally, in the Top 10 position is a very good repo, a collection of methods to help you structure JavaScript code projects effectively.

  • From Git branching, how to resolve conflicts.

  • How to write documentation.

  • Then set up development, test, and production environments.

  • Manage dependencies.

  • Folder structure and naming.

  • Coding convention.

  • Logging.

  • Work with APIs.

  • ...

All create a very detailed repo so that students can better understand what the structure of a real project will look like? Those of you who are already working can also refer to and refine useful and appropriate advice to discuss with your team members and apply it to your projects.

👉️ Github:

Project Guidelines

Thanks for reading! Write about your favourite GitHub repositories in the comments!

Btw, you can support my work by buying me a coffee!

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Thank you 🌻

Hope this help. See ya 👋

~ Sang Minh Tran from Vietnam 🇻🇳

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drfcozapata profile image
Francisco Zapata


However, I think the Top 3 (Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide) is outdated; it only covers up to ES5, and JavaScript has evolved TOO much since ES6.

From my point of view, everything else is spectacular. Thanks!

tmsanghoclaptrinh profile image
Sáng Minh Trần

Thank you for your comment. In that repo, there is a separate section for ES6+, you can read the README file in section "28. ECMAScript 6+ (ES 2015+) Styles"
Hope this help!

Image description

drfcozapata profile image
Francisco Zapata

Gracias por la observación. Voy a revisar. Bendiciones

tmsanghoclaptrinh profile image
Sáng Minh Trần
algorodev profile image
Alex Gonzalez

Very usefull all of them! Thanks for sharing!

ericoliver profile image
Eric Oliver

Hi Minh,
Thanks for sharing this great knowledge. Just wanted to confirm one thing like how do you manage to google index this article.

tmsanghoclaptrinh profile image
Sáng Minh Trần

Oops! I really do not know. I just wanna share my knowledge. And maybe it's useful to many people, so it should be of interest to them 😄

thomashighbaugh profile image
Thomas Leon Highbaugh

"Clean Code" - not that anyone bothers to write anything amounting to such. Especially in pressurized agile environments

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