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Top 10 GitHub repositories for Java developers ✨

Data updated on May 18, 2024

Top 1. Java Guide - 144k ⭐️

This is the repo made by Chinese developers. If you often follow GitHub, you will know that Chinese developers share many repos with excellent and extremely detailed programming knowledge. And of course, Java Guide is one of them 👨‍💻

Now all browsers have the function to translate the entire website (For example in Google Chrome, you can right-click and click Translate to English), so you can absolutely use that feature to translate the repo into English for easy reading and understanding.

Although the translation is not 100% accurate, with genuine repos like this, having a solution like this is great, right?

👉️ Github:

Java Guide

Top 2. Design Patterns implemented in Java - 86.7k ⭐️

Surely you have all heard that Design Patterns is one of the important knowledge that helps you progress from Junior to Mid-level to Senior, right? 🚀

Understanding and applying Design Patterns effectively will help programmers solve problems when designing applications or systems.

This repo will guide you thoroughly about Design Patterns, and implement them using the Java programming language.

👉️ Github:

Design Patterns implemented in Java

Top 3. advanced-java - 74.6k ⭐️

Another great repo from Chinese developers** 🤓

However, this repo collects documents specifically for experienced Java developers 💼

In this repo there is mostly advanced knowledge such as:

  • High concurrency architecture: Message queue, Search engine, Cache, Highly concurrent systems, ...
  • Distributed Systems
  • Highly available architecture
  • Microservice architecture
  • Massive data processing

Repo follows the direction of asking interview, related to the advanced knowledge mentioned above, then will give ideas for answers and suggestions detailed answer (if any)

👉️ Github:


Top 4. interviews - 61.9k ⭐️

The name says it all. This repo will help you thoroughly prepare Java programming knowledge, before participating in interviews 👨‍💻

The author mainly shares questions related to coding, and of course includes solutions, to handle problems that big companies like Adobe, Facebook, Google, Amazon give.

Besides, there are instructions for solving exercises on LeetCode, or in the famous book "Cracking the coding interview" using the Java programming language 📝

👉️ Github:


Top 5. TheAlgorithms - Java - 57k ⭐️

The GitHub page of "The Algorithms" is probably too famous for algorithm enthusiasts.

This "TheAlgorithms - Java" repo is one of their sub-repos, helping you understand and implement data structures and algorithms using the Java programming language.

👉️ Github:

TheAlgorithms - Java

Top 6. Awesome Java - 40.1k ⭐️

It's a fact that many repos on GitHub start with the word "awesome" which is "awesome" exactly as the name suggests 🤩

Repo Awesome Java is a list of frameworks, libraries and applications written in genuine Java, serving many different purposes 👨‍💻

  • From Backend programming, Job Scheduling, Logging, ...

  • Up to mobile programming, games, networking, ...

This will definitely be a useful reference source for Java developers.

👉️ Github:

Awesome Java

Top 7. JavaFamily - 35.5k ⭐️

A repo that compiles many Study Guides, as well as interview questions related to Java.

According to the author, this repo covers almost all of the core knowledge that Java programmers need to know to become a master 🧠

The author of this repo is Ao Bing - he has 8 years of programming experience, and was once Blog Star Top 1 on China's CSDN site. His CSDN page currently has more than 300,000 fan followers, and on bilibili there are also nearly 250,000 fans 🥇

👉️ Github:


Top 8. Spring Boot Demo - 32.2k ⭐️

I don't know China's technology market very well. But when searching for Java repos, highly appreciated by the community on GitHub, I found many repos from developers in this country.

Spring Boot Demo is a repo containing all source code of demo applications, coded with Spring Boot. Java developers must be very familiar with Sprint Boot, right? 🙌

According to a rough count, there are about 65 demo projects in this repo, free for you to learn and research.

👉️ Github:

Spring Boot Demo

Top 9. Spring Boot Example - 29.9k ⭐️

This repo also has the same purpose as the above repo, but with a different author.

The author is a Chinese developer, again 🫣

But the repo above is over 32.2k ⭐️, and this guy's is also around 30k ⭐️, so I have to admit it is "six of one and half a dozen of the other"

In my subjective opinion, it's probably because the guy above plays too hardcore, up to 65 projects. And this guy only has more than 20 projects to share with the community.

As for quality details within each project, please proactively access the GitHub link below to test.

👉️ Github:

Spring Boot Example

Top 10. To Be Top Javaer - 25.2k ⭐️

The repo name shows the author's great confidence. But look at the photo in the README section, if you know Chinese, please translate it for me to see if he is selling the course 😅

When going into the source part of the repo, the author provides a clear mind map, as well as detailed knowledge from basic to advanced, structured into folders as well 👍

Ignoring the issue of whether the author sells the course or not, I think this effort of sharing knowledge for free with everyone is worthy of recognition 💯

👉️ Github:

To Be Top Javaer

Thanks for reading! Write about your favourite GitHub repositories in the comments!

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Thank you 🌻

Hope this help. See ya 👋

~ Sang Minh Tran from Vietnam 🇻🇳

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