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Top 10 GitHub repositories with the most ⭐️

Data updated on May 18, 2024

Top 1. freeCodeCamp - 390k ⭐️

freeCodeCamp must be very famous among programming students, a community project where you can learn programming completely for free.

In addition to providing extremely systematic and detailed lectures and curriculum, freeCodeCamp also provides prestigious certificates for programmers.

To achieve these certificates, you will have to both go through challenges during the learning process and build mini projects at the end of the course.

👉️ Link Github:

freeCodeCamp repository's image

Top 2. free-programming-books - 322k ⭐️

The world's largest store of free books and programming learning materials 📚

This repository was originally a copy of StackOverflow - List of freely available programming books with contributions from Karan Bhangui and George Stocker.

After that, it was transferred to Github by Victor Felder so that the programming community can continuously update and add more useful documents.

There are too many resources to count, I'm just worried that you'll save them and leave them there without learning anything 😌

👉️ Link Github:

free-programming-books repository's image

Top 3. awesome - 303k ⭐️

Those of you who are engrossed in the sea of ​​documents above will probably cry when reading this 😭

This is NOT the FontAwesome project that you often use to install icons for your website. But this is a project like a TREASURE OF KNOWLEDGE FOR PROGRAMMERS.

Its content ranges from software, hardware, security, networking, to Big Data, Gaming, Entertainment, Business.

Just looking at the content will probably be enough to overwhelm you 😱

👉️ Link Github:

awesome repository's image

Top 4. public-apis - 294k ⭐️

If you read the project name, you will probably understand immediately. public-apis is where the programmer community exchanges and shares the world's leading free APIs.

Currently, the free API source shared here has reached 1425 APIs, with about 51 different fields.

Thereby, in addition to using it to dabble with real data, you can also refer to and learn how other programmers around the world organize and standardize how to write APIs.

👉️ Link Github:

public-apis repository's image

Top 5. coding-interview-university - 292k ⭐️

The name tell everything. Anyone who is preparing for an interview, regardless of any field in the programming industry, can absolutely refer to this list. That is the power of community contribution.

Originally, author Josh Washam - an Amazon's programmer, created this list as a short list of learning topics to do to become a software engineer. But then, thanks to the community's contributions, it grew into the large list you see today.

👉️ Link Github:

coding-interview-university repository's image

Top 6. developer-roadmap - 277k ⭐️

If you have ever known the website, this is the Github of that page. - A famous community project, contributed and shared by thousands of programmers around the world, about development directions on the programming path.

Maybe is no longer strange to those who have experience, many of you are still trying to learn and improve every day, following the suggestions that offers.

As for those who are new to this approach for the first time, will certainly provide you with many useful keywords, in a clear, specific direction, so that you can research and learn more effectively.

Let's try and persevere together every day 🤜🤛

👉️ Link Github:

developer-roadmap repository's image

Top 7. 996.ICU - 269k ⭐️

A SUPER SPECIAL project on Github, the invention of Chinese guys. Instead of lines of code, they used this project to publicly let the world know about the harsh labor conditions in Chinese companies. Thereby calling for a protest against this way of working.

The name 996.ICU refers to "Work by '996', sick in ICU", an ironic saying of Chinese developers. With a work schedule from 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week, it's like you're putting yourself in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

👉️ Link Github:

996.ICU repository's image

Top 8. Build your own X - 263 ⭐️

This repository is a compilation of well-written, step-by-step guides for re-creating our favorite technologies from scratch.

What I cannot create, I do not understand — Richard Feynman.

It's a great way to learn and build your own operating system, search engine, browser, database, framework, etc.

👉️ Link Github:

build-your-own-x repository's image

Top 9. system-design-primer - 258k ⭐️

We certainly always want to improve our skills, so that one day we will be able to design a large, scalable systems - just like a SA (Software Architect).

This is a project that can help you learn and step closer to the above goal.

There's no need to compare yourself to others, just try to be better than you were yesterday 🫡

👉️ Link Github:

system-design-primer repository's image

Top 10. react - 223k ⭐️

Right from the beginning, when mentioning the "Top 10 GitHub repositories with the most ⭐️", I believe many of you immediately thought of react.

Although it may not rank as high as you imagine, for other libraries/frameworks, it still commands top attention on GitHub, without question.

As a Javascript library for building UI, supported by Facebook along with a lot of contributions and improvements from the developer community, react has ranked above other famous Javascript libraries/frameworks such as Angular and Vue.js for many years in the competition Annual developer survey organized by Stack Overflow.

👉️ Link Github:

react repository's image

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