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Rust devlog: Intro

Hello readers! This is a short post introducing my first blog series, where I will document my process creating a multiplayer turn-based game. The game is not named yet.

Below is what I'll explore in this post:

  • What I'm making: in this section, I'll tell a bit more about what kind of game I'm making as well as what are my expectations and goals for this project.

  • Language and tools: I will cover the technology stack behind my game. This includes the programming language and the game engine as well as how the game will work. I will also cover the code editor I'm using.

  • My schedule: I'll explain briefly what my expectations are regarding post frequency.

  • The content. I'll detail what my posts will include.

Without any further ado, let's get started!

What I'm making

I'm making a multiplayer turn-based game. The game is inspired by chess, because you will be able to move your troops across the board, but it is more heavily inspired by Clash Mini, a game from Supercell (link to the clash website). With this project, I aim to learn more about game development. I also hope to discover the wonderful (or rather awful) world of networking and all the bugs that will come with it. There is no deadline for the game, as progress is very slow and inconsistent. In the end, I hope to make the code open source, depending on how proud of it I am πŸ˜….

What I'm using

I'm using Rust for this project, along with the Bevy game engine (an amazing open source ECS game engine that you can find here). I am currently coding a server from scratch using, you guessed it, Rust. Currently, there is only one server for all the clients, but this game is more of a proof-of-concept than a game I consider will actually get a player base. However, things are subject to change in the future. To edit code, I use Vim (which I've just started using but already adore) with Rust-Analyzer and coc.nvim, which are a must for Rust development.

My schedule

As mentioned before, progress on the game is very slow, as it is only a side project and is not on my list of priorities. I do plan on making a post per week regarding the game, though this is subject to change. These posts will come during the weekend, but the schedule is subject to change and I may of course miss some weekly posts. This is more of a way to document my game development experience instead of a serious content series. However, I will appreciate any comments and interaction if you, the reader, is interested.

My content

In my weekly posts, I plan to cover my weekly progress on my game, as well as a dive into some of the code. I will also show small sneak peaks in the form of images or videos. Finally, I will try to include a programming related meme that I made in each of my posts. I usually also post these on Reddit here. This is this post's one:
Modal editing

That about wraps up my first ever blog post! Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions. Anyways, thank you for reading, and I will see you in the next one!

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you can use tokio for network programing

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Thanks! I'll check it out, and see if I change to it!