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Beginner-friendly Open Source projects to learn Web Development

I'm launching a GitHub organization to host community projects. The mission is to learn Web Development through Open Source, together!

What does that mean? The goal is to create a safe space where everyone can contribute to projects and get better in web development. We're not trying to create a startup or build the most successful product. The focus is 100% on learning.

There are currently two projects in the organization, one in React.js and the other in Qwik. If you have ideas for more projects, feel free to write it down in an issue on the community repository. There are already quite some good-first-issue labels on the projects, so you can start contributing right away!

Everyone is welcome to contribute and if you want to feel even more involved you can request to get added to the organization by creating an issue here.

You can find everything here:

Anyway, if you're curious I recorded a two-minutes video to explain what it's all about:

See you there!

Thanks for reading this article, I hope you found it interesting!

I recently launched a GitHub Community! We create Open Source projects with the goal of learning Web Development together!

Join us:

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