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Astro Coding Session: "Series" feature on my blog

Hello! If you read my articles often here on devto you probably noticed that I also publish them on my website

It's a static Astro website hosted on Netlify. I'm using Typescript and the articles are stored in mdx files so I can easily add components inside them, for example the YouTube video player.

The repository is Open Source, you can have a look on GitHub

GitHub logo Balastrong / blog-astro

Source code of my homepage

If you're curious about how I code, I recorded a short coding session where I added an initial version of the Series feature we have here on devto. Basically I add a "series" field in the frontmatter of the mdx files and then I show in the article's page all the other articles of the same series.

Definitely not rocket science, but I think it can be interesting to see how other developers actually work and how they solve problems.

What you will see in this session is GitHub Copilot doing 60% of the work and myself struggling with tailwind classes.

Spoiler: This week's article is quite short and the video is a "simple" coding session, I hope you like it anyway! But the spoiler is... I'm also working on a much longer article about custom GitHub Actions which I'll try to release next week. The article is already 5x longer than usual, I hope it won't take ages to record the video session! Stay tuned ;)

Thanks for reading this article, I hope you found it interesting!

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