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The ephemeral miniconf - It is coming

It is coming

I stayed a bit quiet these past days about The ephemeral miniconf but you can't imagine how much seriously I'm preparing the event.

For those who are not aware, The ephemeral miniconf is a Perl and Raku free and online miniconf!

I'm taking it cool but I'm not this kind of guy to take it cool 😀

I'm this kind of guy to meticulously repeat and try so I get no surprise (at least I try to reduce the chances it happens to the maximum).

I will not give too much details now, since I could do a nice "making of" blog post, maybe after the event (?!) who knows 😀

Everything is going well, you should really book your calendar for Thursday 18th of November (next week).

Check the timezone planner or see this picture:

Timezone planner The ephemeral miniconf

It's in the morning if you're in US, in the afternoon if you're in Europe and very late if you're in Asia (sorry).

The planning is still the same except that some talks have changed their title:
The ephemeral miniconf

(it could change a bit inside the range, like shifting talks, but at the moment here it is)

I'm also preparing some surprises that I don't want to reveal for now.

So my message is basically, it's coming, book your calendar and I'm looking forward to see you at The ephemeral miniconf! 👍

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Brijesh Hadiyal

What is this????