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The ephemeral miniconf

The ephemeral miniconf is a Perl and Raku virtual miniconf that will take place in Zoom the 18 november 2021.

It's free, small and relax.

The talks can be about toolchain, devops, cloud, sysadmin, core, design patterns, web or whatever linked to Perl or Raku.

Call for papers

There is still some slots for you to join the speakers team, please contact me at

You will have to send me your material by email an I will make me available for rehearsals (but no hurry).

There is also slots for lightning talks that can be small talks or advertisements or just a few funny slides... Be creative!


The main place to get informations like the planning and the Zoom link (when available) is on the ephemeral miniconf info page.


Join the crowd and I enjoy the event!

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