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fox says hi

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. πŸ‘‹

Great to have you in the community!


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Hello everyone!

I got here after reading a post shared on Twitter.
I am a software developer with a wide range of interests in development, operations, project management, AI/ML, and cloud computing.

Here with open mind to learning and unlearning as well as contributing my experience whenever the opportunity comes up.

Between, I love the aesthetics of this website. Well done!!


Hi Victor. What was the shared post?


Seriously! You are! HAha I never thought I'd be able to actually interact with you. Your articles especially your Gifs are simply brilliant! Some big name university needs to give you an honorary doctorate already for your ability to teach complex concepts


Agreed, the website is simple but beautiful.


Hi everyone, I'm Katie the #welcome moderator.
My unofficial title: DEV cheerleader 😊

I want to welcome all of you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute new ideas with your own post.
If you are interested in posting, be sure to read my post:


Hi folks! Glad to be here learning with you all.

I am interested mainly about software testing, qa and test automation (at all levels).



Just starting to use DEV.

Thanks for the intro.


Hello dev community! I am a DevOps and open source evangelist with experience in product marketing for software tools. I am currently the head of cloud marketing at Puppet and working on a new initiative (relay.sh). Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Hi Everyone, I'm Luis and I'm new to the dev field. I'm currently making my transition to be a programmer. The journey has been exciting so far. Looking forward to meeting people in the community and the new career opportunities ahead!


Hey Luis.

What were you before you became a developer? Most of us come from really odd backgrounds :)


Hello Ben, my previous background comes from the hospitality and travel industry. Got my fair share of solving problems for people and this is a very similar in that regards. I am enjoying the technical demands of the career.


Welcome! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


Thanks! I'm excited to join you guys!


Welcome to the field, Luis. It's nice to have you. What sort of stuff do you want to read?


Hey Biyanmin, great question! If it can be any topic I would ask you to recommend a sci-fi book. I think it would complement the technical reading and code I've been consuming recently. Otherwise, if you have a technical book that has helped you become a better developer I'm all ears!


Hello everyone!
I've always wanted to write articles and share my findings on certain topics.

I am a Data Analyst familiar with SQL, Power BI, Microsoft Excel. I also do predictive analysis and EDA with Python.

I love to learn, unlearn and relearn.

I'm really happy to be here


Hi Otuokere, I'm Katie, the #welcome moderator here on DEV.
My unofficial title: DEV cheerleader 😊

I want to welcome you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute new ideas.


Hello there.
I ended up here thanks to my job's boss giving me some links for a better understanding of a certain topic.
Right now I'm focused on learning Entity Framework Core, ASP .NET Core and Angular, although I'd like to get on to learn more languages and techniques after I finish with them, since I've got ideas for a personal project I'd like to develop.
Sometimes I have problems understanding specific concepts or ways in which code can work, but that won't hold me down.


I am the Chapter Founder of GDG Memphis and am very passionate about helping developers land jobs in tech! I host meetups in Memphis and have some really great ones where we help developers learn, grow and feel comfortable in an inclusive and open environment.

I am Danny Thompson and I am just passionate about motivating and helping developers do great things!


I read your transformation journey. It was really super awesome ..! Glad you land to the place where world needs it ppl like u πŸ™‚


Hi Danny,
I have a question.
How would you help a dev like me land a tech job in Memphis?


Hi there !! This is Pranit. I am just a beginner. Would love to get help from you all to learn different languages!


Hi guys,

My name is Nam, a developer working for NashTech Limited. I love to read some articles on this site because this is a good site with many experiences sharing. I join this community because i also would love to share some experiences i learned during my working time. So I plan to share in the near future. Hope the community will support me. :)

Nice to meet you guys, i hope that we are going to share experience, knowledge and exchange info, technical skills which we have during we study and learn from new things in software development area.


Hi everyone,

I open a dev.to account to share all my knowledge about JavaScript, Node.js, React.js and all the skills that I learn.
The most important is that I will use this platform to practice my English.


Welcome! Definitely have fun with practicing English, but I think it we be great to see some articles in your native language, too! We need resources in every language


Hi, thank you for your recommendation, definite I will do some articles in my native language too.


Hi All,
I am a Salesforce Architect and Dev for the most part these days, but used to be a full stack development. Interested in all things web and neovim is my editor of choice! Happy to be here and look forward to learning and sharing ideas with the community!


Happy to have you here Suraj!


Right now learning React, React Native, Redux, Express and MongoDB as part of Coursera's Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization. I am here because of Twilio's announcement of April's Twilio Hackathon. I am also a big fan of TwilioQuest. I am also interested in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Python and IoT (Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson Nano, and Google Coral Dev Board).


Hey Richard, what has your experience been like working through Coursera's Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization?


I personally really like Coursera - kind of like going back to school (I have a MA in Psychology). I was working at SpinSpire, a Drupal shop, contracted out to Florida Blue. When Jitesh, the owner of SpinSpire, wanted his contractors to expand their skill set by taking Andrew Ng's 12 week Machine Learning course. I loved the class and finished it while everyone else dropped out after the first week because they thought they were going to learn how to use an API. To me, it was a great class to learn about how and why machine learning works. I ended up taking the 5 course Deep Learning specialization and also the 5 course Big Data specialization. I have been trying to combine my experience as a developer with my new knowledge of machine learning to be a Data Science Application Developer. And for Christmas, my wife gave me (at my request) a Coursera Plus subscription which lets me take unlimited courses and specializations for 1 year. It was $399.00, but still a good investment in my book.

This current specialization has been great - the instructor does a good job of presenting a classroom lecture followed by specific programming exercises and then finishes off the week with a peer graded assignment. My one complaint is that the material is starting to get dated - for example, React hooks are not covered. And when importing, he uses older versions, so I had to make some adjustments when working on a project of my own. But I'm also working on a more up-to-date course through Udemy, "React Native - The Practical Guide 2020". So now just working on a couple of apps.
That's a long answer, probably more then you wanted to know...


Hello all you creative people! Looking forward to learning from you all. I'm currently exploring replacing our iOS and Android mobile apps with a progressive web app. Your guidance would be much appreciated.


Hi everyone! πŸ‘‹
Personally my name is John and I am going to manage the account of the company where I work: Dotnetsafer.

I am a security-oriented .NET developer and reverse engineer. I have seen this platform that I did not know, and I liked it! You have some very good articles and it shows that there are a good atmosphere and friendship between the members.

My goal is to contribute .NET articles that are related to security and to help people who need advice or contributions to improve the security of their applications. So if you like security, encryption and this whole world πŸ”πŸ’», we hope to help you a lot!


Hello everyone! I joined DEV to help support indie game developers and promote their trailers on our website All Ages of Geek. Very passionate about helping indie game devs reach a bigger audience so of you have a trailer to promote or a game that needs outreach feel free to contact me. We do this for free in order to give back to the community. Really looking forward to seeing your guys' work!


Hello everyone!

I'm a Java backend developer. During a recent travel I told my hostel roommate about my plan to start blogging. He told me about dev.to and so here I amπŸ˜€

Previous positions I held were Java application developer as well as Deep Learning researcher. Happy coding to you allπŸ’»


That's awesome! I'll have to follow you, Java is really interesting to me! Thanks for being here!


I'm a French technophile. I am currently working on DevOps adoption on my team. I love cloud technology and golang programming!
Learning new stuff is like a drug for me, and I think here is the right place for that.


Hi Folks!
I’m Pedro and I’m about to start my masters in aerodynamics, and my hobby is wrapping and reinventing a couple of FORTRAN and Ada aerodynamics codes into Python packages. I’m here to enjoy this community and perhaps find one or two contributors to those projects.
Glad to be here! (:


Hey ho! I'm Nora and I'm a full stack dev having her head in the cloud πŸ˜‰ I'm mainly working with AWS, Vuejs and Python.

I finally added my account here because I love to read the community's article and learn something new (thanks for that! πŸ’•) But I also was tired of just fav my "need-to-read" articles in Twitter and tend to have no overview anymore πŸ˜‚

I would love to contribute some articles in the future and exchange knowledge. Happy developing ✨


Hello everyone. I am software engineer like most of you here. I enjoy reading tech blogs and ended up here somehow. I love all these content :). I am looking to start writing tech blogs and this is an amazing platform.
Looking forward to making connections with the community.

#go #python #gitops #devops #k8 #opensource


Hi all!

I'm a software development engineer in test working at a CDN company. I'm a sociology degree holder who got a job in tech. Previously worked as a technical writer before my current role and now I'm working on switching to software engineer.

Also I'm working on getting a master's degree in computer science while working full time. I'm currently coding in Java and Python. Unrelated hobbies include reading books of all genres, writing fantasy stories, and watching Korean dramas. Nice to meet you all! :)


Hi everyone,
I came here after this chain of actions:
pluralsight gave april for free->started c# course made by scott allen->wanted to know who he was->encountered this article: dev.to/pluralsight/remembering-sco... ->realized he had passed away->got interested what dev.to is->signed up for it.
And here I am!
I was always interested in computer science since my Atari 65xe :)
But my road to it was and is still a little bumpy. Long story short I am learning and refreshing my programming skills to get a job of my dreams.
Currently I am interested in gamedev (Unity, C# in particular) but also want to research the ideas how to interconnect AI and simulation with GameDev tools like Unity.
I hope to connect with people with great ideas and experience here and to have something valuable in exchange,


Hello everyone!

I met the community yesterday! (Or was it the day before yesterday!?The time are passing fast rsrs) .

I started a new momment in my life, decided to reallize my objetives about the "art of programming"(They don't are a much ambitious objetives, but they can make me much happy.) I always liked programming like hobby. I hope I can learn a lot from everyone and I promise to give back as much as I can!
(Sorry for some english mistake)


Hello guys, I am new here. My name is Mahmoud from Egypt. I am 18 years old. I love studying programming and computer science, but I could not join the major I wanted, so can I learn and get a job without a degree in computer science?


Hi, I'm JosΓ© Renato F. Ronca,
I'm a brasilian student of computer engineering, and I love programming, information security and DevOps, I haven't chosen an exact area yet, but I'm studying for that!


Hello there, my name is Nirmal, I'm a computer science student with interest in web development. I love learning by building small project's. I enjoy learning Python Flask and NodeJs.
I'm looking forward to learn from the community members.


Welcome to DEV Nirmal! πŸ‘‹


Fala galera, sou a Sheila, sou estudante em Sistemas de Internet voltado a IOT , apaixonada por tecnologia , pretendo seguir o caminho como desenvolvedora , estou disposta aprender e trocar informaçáes!! Bora lÑ!!


Hey guys!
I'm new to software engineering but it's something I'm very passionate about next reading and writing.

Coincidently, I stumbled on Dev through a connection on LinkedIn.

Trying to find some footing in the world of software by learning as much as I can and here I feel is a great place to start.



I'm a front-end dev, recently moved to NZ (right before covid hit the fan globally) and as these challenging times make finding a job difficult while settling into a new country I like to keep busy by writing (hopefully) helpful articles for starting devs.

I think development could use more women, so I'm offering help to women who want to get into development. And I'm making the internet a little more girly with tools like a girly project name generator that I just finished building. Yay for Supreme-Swan-Hair among other gems that came out of that.

Looking forward to being a part of the community!


Hello guys, i am new here...i'm actually hoping i can add to my knowledge from this platform. And besides i'm a node developer


Welcome! Do you do mostly back end web work in node? Or something else?