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Welcome Thread - v65

we're happy you're here!

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

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awwsamtech profile image
AwwSamTech • Edited

Hello Dev Community, I'm from India and a last year student of Computer Science. I've recently found my new crush that is JavaScript. I am currently doing internship in MEAN stack. I love the idea of using JS on frontend and backend and I love NPM♥️. I wish I could've known about MEAN in my first year. Anyways I hope you guys are safe from corona virus and I'm looking forward to learn from you all.

Edit:- My name is Simranjit Singh and I'm 21.

allanlcomander profile image

hi everyone, i'm Allan and i'm happy to be here. i'm new to web development and love to learn more!

lesservehicle profile image
Adam Copeland

Yo, everybody. I'm a lifelong systems and security engineer who just started a new role in SecDevOps, working mostly in Python. Getting deep into Django right now, and I'm looking forward to exploring Jupyter, Anaconda, and statistical data analysis.

b3nladen profile image

Adam great to meet a fellow SSE!

cbeulke profile image
Christian Beulke

Hi everyone, I am Christian and I am a full-time developer located in good old Germany 😁

My current work focus lies on low-code development, but I am also hungry for new ideas regarding Java (mainly Spring, Spring Boot etc.) and rapid web development with new and newest frameworks (at the moment I am amazed by Next.js and the JAMStack 😍).

I would love to get in touch with other (web-)developers and read more about how to run the products of our sweat and tears with as low effort as possible, for I am not an ops-guy at all... 😜 Other interests: Everything related to ML and data analysis 🤖

I hope we will have a good time together and maybe there might start one or another nice idea we can share and develop here ✨

anildevarapu profile image
Anil kumar • Edited

Hi everyone, I'm Anil, A web developer. I'm joining this community primarily to improve myself by learning from this community since i'm still a learner in my stack.

busradogan profile image
Büşra Doğan • Edited

Hi everyone ! I am Büsra from Ankara / Turkey. I am studying MSc in Data Engineering and nowadays I want to learn JavaScript. I am a beginner for JavaScript. I try to value time these corona days when I am isolated myself and of course I wish to everyonelse healthy and happy days !! #welcome #stayhome #learnnewthings

heviooot profile image
Harold Ulaen

Hi everyone, I'm Harold. Currently, I'm a junior in computer science this year; I'm using just to make friends and share some of my coding projects (I hope I can hangout will all of you the cool kids in, I'm new here please guide me along the way.

abhinavreddy profile image
Abhinav Reddy

Hey DEV people, It feels really great to have joined the pack!
Wish to learn and network here as much as I wish to see this planet carbon free.

joseph_rialab profile image
Joseph Khan

Hi Everyone, I'm Joseph, a Lead Front End Engineer based out of Dubai. I am enthusiastic about the Web Standards, JavaScript & I am giving talks from time to time. I am also a Packt Author and have been into writing technical books and blogs for 7 years. I have learnt a lot from the Dev community and I wanted to take this opportunity to give the community back with my experience and learnings over the years. See you All :)

s0xzwasd profile image
Daniil Maslov

Hello everyone! 🖐

itcarl profile image
Maximilian Mewes


shivamagrawal3900 profile image
Shivam Agrawal

Hi everyone, I'm Shivam Agrawal.

I've learned a ton of cool stuff from online communities. And now here I am trying to be an active member of the community and contribute back.

eeephraimite profile image
E&E • Edited

Hi everyone,

How are you spending your quarantine?

Don’t forget to stay home

hiteshpandey profile image


Hitesh here, I am a web developer part community engineer part Evangelist sometimes I don't even know who I am but I am here, what the hell. From a front end background trying to get into backend technologies (Hard Luck). Peace.

gdm profile image
Gitanjali Mule

Hi, I am Gitanjali.
I write stories on code. So converting code into words.
Latest post
“A Quickstart Guide for Serializer in Rails — Fast JSON API vs Active Model Serializer” by Gitanjali Mule

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