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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hi guys!

Great blogging site for devs. I am only on day 6 posting here, but so far I really like your platform. Beats medium hands down!

My bag of tricks is here :)



I too thought of dev.to as a kind-of open-source Medium alternative after I read about the site. Although, I like GitHub's "sponsor me" feature, which is kind of what Medium offers too. Except, they have the forced reading throttling they do unless you are a subscriber.


oh, I use Medium too, mostly for clipping my tech reads (medium.com/@TarasNovak/has-recomme...).

Sponsor me is an interesting feature. However, in my experience most devs just skim articles or try new tools & rarely hit that sponsor button.

You'd be lucky if they ⭐️ your repo || buy you a cup of coffee to sponsor your passion. For example, my vscode Data Preview 🈸 extension has over 23K installs & I only had 3 devs buy me a ☕️ on ko-fi.com/dataPixy :)

I started blogging here just to share what makes my 💖 tick ...


You can actually clear cookies and throttling goes off. No subscription, no pain :/


You got me at "Beats medium hands down!".
Welcome :)


Thanks! I am up over 1K followers now after 12 days on dev.to.

Devs seem to really like my VSCode Data Preview 🈸 extension.

Latest post on that data tool is here:


Hola a todos, es un gusto participar en esta comunidad. Por muchos años desarrolle aplicaciones con Deplhi y ahora estoy incursionando en .net para aplicaciones web api.

Aquí encontré respuestas a mis dudas. Espero poder aportar algo también.

Aunque puedo leer textos en inglés, me cuesta escribir en ese idioma, por eso mi presentación es en español.


Hola Andres. Soy todo lo contrario, apenas puedo leer español y me cuesta mucho más escribirlo. Pero, me alegra verte publicando aquí.

It would be awesome to see an inline translate service for articles and comments!


Hola, Eric. Gracias por venir! A mi me gusta la idea de ver un servicio de traducir para los articulos. Igual como tu, yo acaba de llegar aqui, y me parece es un buen lugar.

Nos vemos y much gusto!

A little rusty on the Spanish but that was cool.


Hola Andrés! Saludos desde Argentina, ésta plataforma es hermosa, bienvenido!


Hello everyone.

I have been busy in the university lab doing code and having fun till I realized I had to join people who do what I like doing.
Hoping to enjoy myself in this community.

Btw, I do both hardware and software development


Welcome to the jungle, man! Glad someone else likes hardware too. I'm convinced computer parts are Legos for adults.



I like that, computer parts are like legos for adults!

That would be me for sure.


Thanks man!
Hardware is the most incredible piece in the computer game.
I just like it


Hi everyone!

I'm three weeks into the software engineering program at Flatiron School and just posted my first blog.
I'm excited to be more involved in the engineering community here on Dev and to read lots of interesting articles :)

Happy coding!


Welcome Megan. I just joined the community!


Thanks Mauro! Glad to hear it! Welcome to you too then :)


Software engineering seemed like a big monster to me at the start of my education so I decided to focus on web instead. What's one of the things you like about it?


Hi Grinny! I agree it can be very daunting but I really am enjoying back end so far! Web is great too but maybe you could give it a try and you'll see it isn't so bad :)


Nice! SE is a great subject. You're gonna love it!


Thanks! :) What has been your experience so far?

Well, from the perspective of career there is a lot of well paid jobs around the world for all levels of knowledge. On a personal basis I love the ability to understand both software and hardware - the latter is more for CE than SE though - and the flexibility to switch from one industry to another without too much effort.

There's a lot of work to do in order to become a good SE and basically you'll never stop studying new stuff but that's the beauty of it, isn't it? :)


Hellooo! My name is Jordan and I'm and student of the university of Kent in England. I'm a bit new to this place as I only found out about this hidden gem about a week ago. I can't wait to learn from all of you and read all the great posts y'all have written. Currently I'm working part-time as a Ruby Developer at a great company. So if any of you guys know of any good posts or tips on Ruby or Rails feel free to send them my way.


Hi and welcome Jordan! Maybe you can write some tutorial on Ruby, or data structures implementation... just an idea, cheers!


Hello fellow Jordan,
Thats a great idea. I was also thinking about writing some casual discussion based posts like about the challenges computer science students face in this ever changing world of technology.


Digging Ruby and RoR. I've only just dipped my toes into them but definitely like it so far.


It’s great and so simple to use.
It’s was the first MVC framework I’d ever used. I much prefer it to the one we use for our university assignments (codeigniter in PHP).


Hello all, was listening to the stack overflow podcast heard about this place thought I'd check it out.
I'm an old beginner. Got my Comp Sci degree 19 years ago, but have been working various levels of tech support and ops until now. I'm a beginner again, doing front end development. ... and I'm terrified :p


Hello goodlight7! I am a new face in this community as you are. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I try to identify the things I don't know and revise/update my learning path. That usually helps me :)


The podcast brought me here too! I love the stack podcast a lot and it’s good to see I’m not the only one!


Hey. I'm in the same boat. Old beginner starting my Blockchain Dev journey. Excited and nervous at the same time.


I'm glad that I found this community. Currently, I’m learning React, and I’ve been reading some interesting and inspiring articles from the community. And I hope to share my journey soon


Awesome mandy and welcome! In addition to React, be sure to keep tabs on Angular and Vue as they evolve. I have really come to enjoy Ionic's open source StencilJS library that can target all three as well as standard web components.


Perfect, thank you so much Eric. Definitely going to check out StencilJS library :))


I am happy to have stumbled on this community after reading "Automated Style Guides for REST, GraphQL and gRPC".

I starred the dev.to GitHub repo shortly after reading the "About" section.

I am wishing for ubiquitous hash tags across all engineering platforms as standard #101, #201 and #301 so that authors and readers alike could opt-in to their own preferred level of expertise.


Welcome, Eric! Your name sounds familiar.. I think I may have seen you present at CF Summit this year!


You would be correct @downey . Great to see you here. Crazy odds! ... no @mention suggest-as-you-type feature yet dev.to 🤔?


Hey I am Aman kumar sharma Final year student of Computer Science & Engineering department. I am interested in Web development JavaScript related technologies


Hi man! I'm studying CS too, but just beginning, it's a lovely field for me :)


Hello Everyone! I'm glad to be here - I am transitioning from a Sys-Admin to Web Developer. I am presently learning CSS and looking to start JavaScript soon - I look forward to learning a lot from the community.


Hi, Good luck with the transition.


Hello! My name is Kylee Webb, I'm in my last year at San Diego State University studying to receive a Bachelors in Computer Science. I'm currently interning as a Software Engineer at FSI and I look forward to learning and writing for this dev group!


Hello! I've always been fascinated with technology and finally decided to get out of retail management to pursue a career in software development! Currently a student at a local, accelerated coding and development school. Learning new things everyday.


Hi guys, been looking for a cool place to chat to fellow devs, and this looks way better than other places I've tried. I'm a final year Computer Science student at Durham Uni, and I'm particularly interested in cyber security :)


Hi Everyone!

I got here through the Stack Overflow podcast since I am about to attend a bootcamp and the title 'You graduated from coding bootcamp, Now what?' grabbed my attention. Just trying to cram as much stuff in my head as possible. Cheers!


Hahaha...sounds like myself. Enjoy your BootCamp!!!


Hello everyone :)
I am a second-year undergraduate in computer science and engineering. I am always looking for fun stuff and new trends. I am interested in web and app development and looking forward to hackathons.

Hoping for a lot of fun here.


Hello everyone

I am an aspiring Android Developer and I'm currently learning the fundamentals of Android Application Development via codelabs.developers.google.com
I'm here to learn, network and also share knowledge.



Hi everyone,

I used to be a very skilled programmer a long time ago. For some crazy reason I lost interest in developing and went to try different stuff in other areas. After 6 years I felt really sorry for my bad decision and now I'm trying to make up for lost time. I'm astonished about how technologies have evolved in the past years and how many exciting things are there to learn.

So I'm back to development and very happy about it.


Programming is like cycling, you never really forget it once you learn it. Welcome! 😃


Hello everyone,

I'm studying computer software engineering and in my first semester doing projects in firebase. I found this platform where I can find people like me in software coding and be connected and make coding fun.

Happy Coders😊


Hi everybody! Im Eduardo a graphic designer that loves programming too!, im studying a masters degree in Stockholm. I love to talk web development, specially anything related to Vue, Typescript and user interfaces.


I was annoyed my boss thinks using a conditional parameter, responsibly, is basically the spawn of Satan. I wanted to find out what the community has to say about that. I get it if it's overused, but just one when need be seems ok.



My name is David from Lagos, Nigeria. I'm straight, friends with all except aliens. lol.

Interested in ethical hacking, but the course is expensive(lol), so i'm going with being a backend programmer for now. I'm still learning and would love to learn from you.


Hi, the card from the hacktoberfest made me aware of this site...

Been learning since CBM BASIC & 6510 ASM on the C64 and now just a Web Dev (JS, TS & React at the moment) slowly making a game in Unity... ah fun times, always.


Hellooo! My name is Souad and I'm freshly graduated.I'm glad that I found this community.
I really love to interact with new developers and share the knowledge I have learned so far and to learn from them.


Hi guys!

I am a freelance software developer, mostly on the side of the Java ecosystem, as much as I can get myself out from the frontend side of course :)

Also, I like writing small tutorials and technical articles when I can spare enough time.

I'm just amazed by the dev.to community, especially how active they are, and I'm wondering how I didn't notice them up to this time!



I did a computer science degree in 1977. Did some time in Cobol and then moved to SAS to do mainframe performance and capacity planning. Then dropped programming for other management work. Now retired and picking up Python for fun and some AI/ML interests.


Hi folks, I'm new here. I'm a long time developer (almost 20 years) and this seems like a super useful site. One of my colleagues has been bugger me to join for months. Looking forward to read some great articles and possibly share some posts as well.

I'm the release champion at a DevOps tooling company called Octopus Deploy. Funny job title. ;) I still write code but I also write blog posts, record videos and write our monthly newsletter too. :)


Hi! I'm Allison. I heard about this community on a Stack Overflow podcast and had to check it out :) I just finished a code bootcamp and am working on a BS in computer science. Currently looking for my first dev job.


My name is Bertan. I'am from Ankara,Turkey. I'am a Senior Software Developer. My career interest is Machine Learning.
So I thought that I could write and share some useful posts about ML/DL, and anything about computer science.

On behalf of continuous sharing ...


Hello guys and gals!

I've been a lurker on dev.to for a few days now and decided to finally get myself an account. So far so good, I've really come to enjoy the whole environment of the website.

Looking to get myself more involved and maybe start blogging. It can be a pretty daunting task given the fact I'm still in college, taking my bachelor's in CS but hoping to overcome that fear in the near future. I'm also quite interested in starting to contribute in any way to an Open Source project. Feel free to drop me any suggestion :)