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Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!

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Hi all!
I'm Lea, a web developer in training for over a year now. I'm not very proficient with any specific programming language yet but I can use some and do so in my day job. I try to code in my free time too but there are often too many distractions :P My next project is a React Native app, even though I haven't used React a lot yet (wish me luck!)

Hope you all have a nice day :)


I'm not very proficient with any specific programming language yet

Aww I'm sure you're making great progress.

Good luck with React Native!!!


Hi Lea, how are you coping with learning various languages and being at a "not very proficient" stage?


Let's say: I'm not really coping with it ;) It's confusing and overwhelming most of the time but as long as I have no pressure finishing things on a certain date (I can take the time I need for all the things I have to do/build - as an apprentice in my company) I can manage it. I know things won't be like this when I'm a senior developer but hopefully I will be more proficient in coding with various languages until then! I'm currently trying to focus more on some technologies/languages and this makes working as a developer a whole lot easier for my brain! Well, after all - it's quite the standard to use multiple languages as a web developer so I better start coping with it ;)
Are you proficient in any programming/scripting language? :)


Hello world, my name is Mike this my first day joining you guy’s. It’s nice to meet everyone. Lea, I’m sorry but I hope the next time I can assist.


Hi Mike! Nice to have you here :) Have fun on your journey! What are you currently working on?


Hi, keep it up! web development is an amazing journey of constant learning. :)


I will! I think so too, but this is sometimes difficult but most of the time: so exiting :)


Thank you! :) I found so many tutorials and guides that I want to look at in the next few days and weeks - hopefully I will have time for it :o



The last year i did a post in my blog while i was learning how to use.

If you have any doubt, just ask :)


Thank you for your response :) Would love to read that post if you'd drop a link :D


Hi guys, I'm a dev in Toronto who's been a dev.to lurker for a while. Finally decided to make an account. Excited to become a part of this community!


Yay for Toronto! I was born and raised in Toronto. Go Leafs!


Hi, I'm Donald, and I'm jazzed to have found such a supportive and diverse community of developers, on the internet no less!

Fun fact: I recently designed a password-generating app as a way to learn some basic Elm, and an accompanying Ruby Gem that uses Markov chains against a dictionary to generate words that sound right, but aren't usually real words!


Woah! Would love to see the dictionary app in action!


:) Well, I use it in the password app to generate "words that sound like English, but usually aren't English". The thinking being that you want a nice long password, easy to remember + type, but hard(er) to crack against a dictionary.

I also have a semi-secret API that I use to generate fake names for humans: robot.lab.explo.org/randomname/3 where you can substitute any number for 3 and get back that number of names :) You can also get JSON from it: robot.lab.explo.org/randomname/3.json. Handy!

And in general, if you have a dictionary (say, of Elvish words), you can make an "Elvish word generator" like this:

require 'markov_words'

generator = MarkovWords::Generator.new(corpus_file: '/path/to/elvish_words.txt')
# returns a random word
puts generator.word 

Welcome welcome welcome!!!

Everyone is super welcome to contribute in any way, but one of the simplest ways to get started is to ask an interesting question in #discuss.

All are welcome and it is awesome to have you.


Adam Hopkins here. I like to call myself a "solutions developer", but really I am a full stack dev that thinks highly of himself. Don't we all? Or, is it that I don't take myself seriously. One of them. Not sure which.

I am not a trained developer, although I have been doing it for 20+ years. Programming is actually my second career. I started out as an attorney, and practiced law for a while. All jokes welcome.

Python is my main language of choice. But, I am definitely a proponent of finding the right tools and languages to get the job done.

I am looking forward to meeting you all, and learning more about this community.


Hello, long-time reader of the dev.to Twitter feed, and just popped in to share some thoughts on tools/tech/skills that would be good for new developers but maybe tend to get overlooked.

Have been a developer for a long time (since 1988) and have worked on projects ranging from manned spaceflight to mortgage loan portfolio analysis. I've had the occasional forays into development management, project management, product management, etc. but have always stayed hands-on with the code.

Hoping to share some hard-won wisdom and learn the same from others here.


Hi! I'm Liam and I'm a software engineer at rhinoafrica.com and organiser of the PHP Cape Town user group. With experience working on monolithic systems, smaller SPA systems as well as API's. I have a passion for TDD, Laravel, CI/CD, and API Development. When not coding late into the night, I can be seen hiking table mountain or dabbling with anything PHP related. Mostly joined Dev.to to learn new things and try contribute to the community :)


Hello everyone!

I'm Sarah, a Computer Science major from NYC, and I'm excited to be here!
I love Java and I find algorithms fascinating to figure out and learn.

Right now, my biggest project is actually not coding, but putting together an all-women's high school, undergrad, and boot camp hackathon and pre-hackathon workshops. It's a ton of work, but I love being able to create an opportunity for female students at the beginning of their career get excited about comp-sci in a fun and supportive environment. (If anyone wants to check it out, the website is hackittogetherlcw.com and there are a ton of pictures on FB, facebook.com/hackittogether !)

I also would love to get more involved in open-source, and will soon be starting a remote internship doing just that, which is super exciting.

Looking forward to talking with all of you!


Hi Sarah. Love your hackathon idea! I hope it goes well for you!

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I like hacking and helping from others for hacking....good luck sarah


Hi everyone. I'm Haider (pronounced Hi there). I'm from Mozambique. I'm a webdev. Been coding for some time now mostly with JavaScript and react. I found this community through Twitter and got immediately interested because I just love these "techie conversations"

I hope I can teach as much as I've been learning from this forum.


Hi everyone,

my name is Nino and I've been a web dev since I bought my first computer magazine in 2002. Lucky for me, the issue focused on web development basics, HTML, and CSS. I was about 10 years old at the time and lived in a small town, population 10,000, in Croatia.

After becoming 18, I started working on and off as a developer, and then in 2015 I joined Upwork and started working full time while traveling the world, a la digital nomad (nomadlist.com/@ninoskopac).

Ever since I started in 2002 I've been trying to create a web app that people will love and use, but so far I've failed to do that. A year ago I launched Read2Me (producthunt.com/posts/read2me), which is a text-to-speech web app, and even though I do have more than 550 users right now, it's not making any money, so 8 months ago I decided to venture into the B2B market and create a widget inspired by Facebook Embeddables - an HTML/JS snippet that you can just copy paste into your website and it'll create podcasts out of your blog or news articles in an instant without any backend integration.

What I've done last week is I've created 11 demos (by integrating my service into existing news publications), recorded videos of myself giving a walkthrough of those 11 demos (a video for each demo), sent those demos and videos to companies, and so far I've failed to receive a single response (or even anyone clicking on either the demo or the Youtube link).

What I'll be doing in the next month is following up on those emails and reaching out to more, creating a homepage for the B2B product, automating the onboarding, etc. I haven't even figured out how much I want to charge for it yet. If I can get 5 companies to pay me $30 per month (for say, 5 hours worth of conversion time) during May, I'll be a happy camper, cause all I need right now is a little bit of validation.

Here's a couple of demos:
Standard design, British accent: widget-demos.read2me.online/examin...
Minimal design, American accent: widget-demos.read2me.online/chiang...
Feature list/API: github.com/read2me-online/read2me-...

Also, here's a video of me giving a walkthrough of the product, for entertainment purposes: youtu.be/dWx_KMsmdpo (i'm thinking of doing one where I just scream and meow next).


Hi! 😄 I'm a QA Engineer at a tech agency in Portland, Oregon. I've recently started writing more about my experiences and growth in my role, in the hopes of expanding what that looks like at my company, and helping create some insight in general around what QA can be!

I'm so excited to be here!


Hi all,
I'm a new dev who has been playing around with code for fun on and off for a few years. I'm in a position where I can get stuck in and do it seriously.

I have got HTML/CSS/Python 'under my belt', and looking for the next step to take me from advanced beginner to a pro.

Tips welcome... Ha!

Nice to meet you all. 😊


SQL would be useful if you want to store anything in a database


Thanks. I recently made a start on this, actually. But appreciate your feedback 😊


Hey all,

I'm Christian, based in Montreal, Canada. I'm involved in software development since back the good old days of 5 1/4 floppy disks or before being geek was cool. :) I've done a lot of coding using a bunch of languages mostly Microsoft related (with the exception of PHP I also coded a lot). Today, most of my time, I'm a solution architect at a large international corporation in the automotive industry. But because of my love for start-ups, entrepreneurship and open source, I'm involved in many projects at the same time.

Beside IT, I have a degree in international trade and in photography.

I've join this community to meet new cool people and to help if I can­.



Hi Christian. Welcome to another Canadian. Did you use the old floppy disk hack back in the day to turn a single-sided into a double-sided by punching a hole in the disk?


LOL. No. I never had one of those. I first had a 8086 PC and its floppy disks didnt need to be flipped manually. It was high tech. ;)



I'm Diana, my autonamed-nickname is Janeé. Actually, my main job isn't involucred with development anymore but I'm still involucred with code. Later I'm gonna explain this and if we are lucky you can find interesting some subjects I discovered about be a developer.

English isn't my native language so I'm gonna try to do my best.

Hope you eat some tacos today :)



I'm just trying to keep it real out here in the 'Burgh. Honestly just started following dev.to on twitter and now I'm here. Love to stay up to date as I've been developing for over ten years... Starting to catch the case of O.L.D. but I'm hip... I'm cool...Mostly front-end, but isn't front-end practically full stack now (don't @ me).

Anyways, yinz devs are fun to follow!


Hi everyone!,

I'm SaaSha, I found out about dev.to mostly by lurking tech blogs haha. I've been developing for about 2 years now. I've done a lot of self learning, and I'm currently 4months out of 6months in an intensive webdev bootcamp. So far I've worked with HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Redux, a little React Native, NodeJS, and mongodb.

I've also been enjoying playing around with pure css images and I'm pretty proud of my latest; trivial, but I'm still proud: codepen.io/saashapina/full/wjWVvb/

Nonetheless, I'm super passionate about learning new things, and I'm happy to have discovered a new dev community!

I look forward to meeting anyone new! :)


Hi everyone,

My name is Don and i’m in my last year of IT at university in Townsville, Australia. Over the last couple of years I have been able to learn Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, SQL as well as some HTML and CSS. In my spare time I enjoy mucking around with my Raspberry Pi, doing online courses in new languages and learning about different areas of IT. I’d like to start contributing to some open-source projects but I am unsure where to start.



Hi All, I am SDET working on mobile app automation. I use Java and I have started learning JS. Found this forum through Appium forum and looking forward to learn with you all!

Hope you all have a fantastic day :)


Hi friends!
I'm Zeynep, a web developer for over a year now. I develop sites with using Angular, Spring and so on. I aim to improve myself more in terms of productivity, creativty and quality of code. Moreover, I'm interested in Machine Learning thing. It really makes me excited but I feel that I don't really work hard to understand and develop one of them too.That's why I came here to start from scratch with full of motivation!So, I would be glad, if I can make you guys excited to learn new things too! Also your help will not be bad :)

Have a nice day!


Hi all,

I'm sammy, I'm a pretty okay developer proficient with C#, Angular and .NET.
I love my screen, would probably need glasses soon lol :)
I'm currently exploring Java and Other Javascript frameworks/libraries (React, Vue) for personal development. I think I get the basic concepts of React but I'm not fully convinced I should leave Angular4+ behind yet, so I plan to re-do some old projects of mine using React.

Anyway its nice to meet you all :D


Hey folks,

my name is Dan Untenzu and I am a Webdeveloper from Dresden, Germany. 👋

I work with the two PHP Projects TYPO3 & Symfony. And I'm interested in DevOps, Git, Open Source and PHP in general.

Looking forward to share knowledge and ideas. 💻🤝


I'm Jermaine, a web developer in London who came across dev.to last week. I have taken the challenge of joining this group to improve my technical writing skills. Looking forward to knowing and learning from you.


Hi everyone!
I'm Sakib. I'm an Electrical and Electronics Engineering student, but very interested in computer science and programming. I first get to know what programming is when we had to a CSE minor course.

And then I first felt the magic of programming and working with computers...

I started programming with C and now learning Python. It's been really exciting from since then and I hope I can learn many interesting things being here...



Hello Community,

I'm Alex, 31 years old, i've been working in banks and i was fed up of the way of doing things (old, slow, inefficient).
I've always been a bit geeky and a tech enthusiastic, so i decided to learn to code.
After fewcourses followed online, i saw that in order to elevate my coding i needed to learn in a more academic way.
Therefore, i decided to enroll in a bootcamp, in my home country in France.

Experience was awesome, i love coding :) that's for sure.
Totally, do not regret this change and the investment.

I finished the bootcamp few weeks ago, now i've joined my girlfriend in a caribbean island 😎.

I've a ton of article to read (mostly from dev.to 😁) a lot of reharse to do with my bootcamp course, a portofolio website to build, a e-shop project for friend and practice practice and again practice coding.

Then, hopefully i will be able to find some freelancing project.

Thanks for this site, i've been reading articles before my bootcamp even without understanding all it helped a lot.
Now, even more helpfull and usefull to elevate my game.
Thrilled to be part of the community.

Wish you all the best and please keep posting great ressources 👏🏼

Stack : HTML5, CSS3, Ruby, Ruby on rails, ES6 MySql (bootcamp stack).
After being comfortabl with these, i would like to learn a JS framework such as React and/or Angular (any advice??)

PS: Sorry for my writing, i'm not writing so much in english, i have to practice and put the corrector in english 😝

Wish you all the best and see you around here.



Bienvenue Alex! Bonne chance dans vos projets à venir!


Hello all,
am Chuks, a UI/UX-frontend hybrid. Right now am trying to focus on mobile-web(mostly PWA), web performance, serververless thingy and web animations (i love animations). so i decided to join this awesome community and learn from you all


Hi all, am a Software Developer with full stack interests. Am currently experienced with Javascript, Goland, Ruby on Rails and am currently in the process of broadening my stack with C#, Machine Learning, PowerBI and more.
I actually joined due to a initial post by Micheal in Looking For Workplace Experience.

But later found out that Dev.to was much more and it's definitely a community i would love to be part of. More so, having stuck without work even after much interviews where most seem more interested in Senior level developers, it can rather be a hard time being in the middle, which makes it great to find community there to help and support you.

Best Regards to all.

P.S: Am available for any full-time/contract work.


Hi everyone, I am data center engineer and technical writer. I like building things and writing about building things. The tech writing side got me into html, css, and recently API documentation. The DC side got me into Linux and Python. I am looking forward to engaging more and reading through DEV.


Hi all!
I'm Hadi, a web developer by profession and a beginner data scientist by choice. I'm a student and just started learning new technologies. My favorite language is python. Right now I'm into web development projects for some firms.


Hi everyone!

I'm a front end developer and designer, more emphasis on the developer side although I'd love to professionally do both. Love making interactive applications and currently learning/creating first React app. Next on the to-do list is something in AR and getting into generative art.

Awesome to be here!

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