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dev.to staff on April 10, 2018

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Hi all!
I'm Lea, a web developer in training for over a year now. I'm not very proficient with any specific programming language yet but I can use some and do so in my day job. I try to code in my free time too but there are often too many distractions :P My next project is a React Native app, even though I haven't used React a lot yet (wish me luck!)

Hope you all have a nice day :)


I'm not very proficient with any specific programming language yet

Aww I'm sure you're making great progress.

Good luck with React Native!!!


Hi Lea, how are you coping with learning various languages and being at a "not very proficient" stage?


Let's say: I'm not really coping with it ;) It's confusing and overwhelming most of the time but as long as I have no pressure finishing things on a certain date (I can take the time I need for all the things I have to do/build - as an apprentice in my company) I can manage it. I know things won't be like this when I'm a senior developer but hopefully I will be more proficient in coding with various languages until then! I'm currently trying to focus more on some technologies/languages and this makes working as a developer a whole lot easier for my brain! Well, after all - it's quite the standard to use multiple languages as a web developer so I better start coping with it ;)
Are you proficient in any programming/scripting language? :)


Hello world, my name is Mike this my first day joining you guy’s. It’s nice to meet everyone. Lea, I’m sorry but I hope the next time I can assist.


Hi Mike! Nice to have you here :) Have fun on your journey! What are you currently working on?


Hi, keep it up! web development is an amazing journey of constant learning. :)


I will! I think so too, but this is sometimes difficult but most of the time: so exiting :)


Thank you! :) I found so many tutorials and guides that I want to look at in the next few days and weeks - hopefully I will have time for it :o



The last year i did a post in my blog while i was learning how to use.

If you have any doubt, just ask :)


Thank you for your response :) Would love to read that post if you'd drop a link :D


Hi guys, I'm a dev in Toronto who's been a dev.to lurker for a while. Finally decided to make an account. Excited to become a part of this community!


Yay for Toronto! I was born and raised in Toronto. Go Leafs!


Hi, I'm Donald, and I'm jazzed to have found such a supportive and diverse community of developers, on the internet no less!

Fun fact: I recently designed a password-generating app as a way to learn some basic Elm, and an accompanying Ruby Gem that uses Markov chains against a dictionary to generate words that sound right, but aren't usually real words!


Woah! Would love to see the dictionary app in action!


:) Well, I use it in the password app to generate "words that sound like English, but usually aren't English". The thinking being that you want a nice long password, easy to remember + type, but hard(er) to crack against a dictionary.

I also have a semi-secret API that I use to generate fake names for humans: robot.lab.explo.org/randomname/3 where you can substitute any number for 3 and get back that number of names :) You can also get JSON from it: robot.lab.explo.org/randomname/3.json. Handy!

And in general, if you have a dictionary (say, of Elvish words), you can make an "Elvish word generator" like this:

require 'markov_words'

generator = MarkovWords::Generator.new(corpus_file: '/path/to/elvish_words.txt')
# returns a random word
puts generator.word 

Welcome welcome welcome!!!

Everyone is super welcome to contribute in any way, but one of the simplest ways to get started is to ask an interesting question in #discuss.

All are welcome and it is awesome to have you.


Adam Hopkins here. I like to call myself a "solutions developer", but really I am a full stack dev that thinks highly of himself. Don't we all? Or, is it that I don't take myself seriously. One of them. Not sure which.

I am not a trained developer, although I have been doing it for 20+ years. Programming is actually my second career. I started out as an attorney, and practiced law for a while. All jokes welcome.

Python is my main language of choice. But, I am definitely a proponent of finding the right tools and languages to get the job done.

I am looking forward to meeting you all, and learning more about this community.


Hello, long-time reader of the dev.to Twitter feed, and just popped in to share some thoughts on tools/tech/skills that would be good for new developers but maybe tend to get overlooked.

Have been a developer for a long time (since 1988) and have worked on projects ranging from manned spaceflight to mortgage loan portfolio analysis. I've had the occasional forays into development management, project management, product management, etc. but have always stayed hands-on with the code.

Hoping to share some hard-won wisdom and learn the same from others here.


Hi! I'm Liam and I'm a software engineer at rhinoafrica.com and organiser of the PHP Cape Town user group. With experience working on monolithic systems, smaller SPA systems as well as API's. I have a passion for TDD, Laravel, CI/CD, and API Development. When not coding late into the night, I can be seen hiking table mountain or dabbling with anything PHP related. Mostly joined Dev.to to learn new things and try contribute to the community :)


Hello everyone!

I'm Sarah, a Computer Science major from NYC, and I'm excited to be here!
I love Java and I find algorithms fascinating to figure out and learn.

Right now, my biggest project is actually not coding, but putting together an all-women's high school, undergrad, and boot camp hackathon and pre-hackathon workshops. It's a ton of work, but I love being able to create an opportunity for female students at the beginning of their career get excited about comp-sci in a fun and supportive environment. (If anyone wants to check it out, the website is hackittogetherlcw.com and there are a ton of pictures on FB, facebook.com/hackittogether !)

I also would love to get more involved in open-source, and will soon be starting a remote internship doing just that, which is super exciting.

Looking forward to talking with all of you!


Hi Sarah. Love your hackathon idea! I hope it goes well for you!

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I like hacking and helping from others for hacking....good luck sarah


Hi everyone. I'm Haider (pronounced Hi there). I'm from Mozambique. I'm a webdev. Been coding for some time now mostly with JavaScript and react. I found this community through Twitter and got immediately interested because I just love these "techie conversations"

I hope I can teach as much as I've been learning from this forum.


Hi everyone,

my name is Nino and I've been a web dev since I bought my first computer magazine in 2002. Lucky for me, the issue focused on web development basics, HTML, and CSS. I was about 10 years old at the time and lived in a small town, population 10,000, in Croatia.

After becoming 18, I started working on and off as a developer, and then in 2015 I joined Upwork and started working full time while traveling the world, a la digital nomad (nomadlist.com/@ninoskopac).

Ever since I started in 2002 I've been trying to create a web app that people will love and use, but so far I've failed to do that. A year ago I launched Read2Me (producthunt.com/posts/read2me), which is a text-to-speech web app, and even though I do have more than 550 users right now, it's not making any money, so 8 months ago I decided to venture into the B2B market and create a widget inspired by Facebook Embeddables - an HTML/JS snippet that you can just copy paste into your website and it'll create podcasts out of your blog or news articles in an instant without any backend integration.

What I've done last week is I've created 11 demos (by integrating my service into existing news publications), recorded videos of myself giving a walkthrough of those 11 demos (a video for each demo), sent those demos and videos to companies, and so far I've failed to receive a single response (or even anyone clicking on either the demo or the Youtube link).

What I'll be doing in the next month is following up on those emails and reaching out to more, creating a homepage for the B2B product, automating the onboarding, etc. I haven't even figured out how much I want to charge for it yet. If I can get 5 companies to pay me $30 per month (for say, 5 hours worth of conversion time) during May, I'll be a happy camper, cause all I need right now is a little bit of validation.

Here's a couple of demos:
Standard design, British accent: widget-demos.read2me.online/examin...
Minimal design, American accent: widget-demos.read2me.online/chiang...
Feature list/API: github.com/read2me-online/read2me-...

Also, here's a video of me giving a walkthrough of the product, for entertainment purposes: youtu.be/dWx_KMsmdpo (i'm thinking of doing one where I just scream and meow next).


Hi! 😄 I'm a QA Engineer at a tech agency in Portland, Oregon. I've recently started writing more about my experiences and growth in my role, in the hopes of expanding what that looks like at my company, and helping create some insight in general around what QA can be!

I'm so excited to be here!


Hi all,
I'm a new dev who has been playing around with code for fun on and off for a few years. I'm in a position where I can get stuck in and do it seriously.

I have got HTML/CSS/Python 'under my belt', and looking for the next step to take me from advanced beginner to a pro.

Tips welcome... Ha!

Nice to meet you all. 😊


SQL would be useful if you want to store anything in a database


Thanks. I recently made a start on this, actually. But appreciate your feedback 😊


Hey all,

I'm Christian, based in Montreal, Canada. I'm involved in software development since back the good old days of 5 1/4 floppy disks or before being geek was cool. :) I've done a lot of coding using a bunch of languages mostly Microsoft related (with the exception of PHP I also coded a lot). Today, most of my time, I'm a solution architect at a large international corporation in the automotive industry. But because of my love for start-ups, entrepreneurship and open source, I'm involved in many projects at the same time.

Beside IT, I have a degree in international trade and in photography.

I've join this community to meet new cool people and to help if I can­.



Hi Christian. Welcome to another Canadian. Did you use the old floppy disk hack back in the day to turn a single-sided into a double-sided by punching a hole in the disk?


LOL. No. I never had one of those. I first had a 8086 PC and its floppy disks didnt need to be flipped manually. It was high tech. ;)



I'm Diana, my autonamed-nickname is Janeé. Actually, my main job isn't involucred with development anymore but I'm still involucred with code. Later I'm gonna explain this and if we are lucky you can find interesting some subjects I discovered about be a developer.

English isn't my native language so I'm gonna try to do my best.

Hope you eat some tacos today :)



I'm just trying to keep it real out here in the 'Burgh. Honestly just started following dev.to on twitter and now I'm here. Love to stay up to date as I've been developing for over ten years... Starting to catch the case of O.L.D. but I'm hip... I'm cool...Mostly front-end, but isn't front-end practically full stack now (don't @ me).

Anyways, yinz devs are fun to follow!


Hi everyone!,

I'm SaaSha, I found out about dev.to mostly by lurking tech blogs haha. I've been developing for about 2 years now. I've done a lot of self learning, and I'm currently 4months out of 6months in an intensive webdev bootcamp. So far I've worked with HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Redux, a little React Native, NodeJS, and mongodb.

I've also been enjoying playing around with pure css images and I'm pretty proud of my latest; trivial, but I'm still proud: codepen.io/saashapina/full/wjWVvb/

Nonetheless, I'm super passionate about learning new things, and I'm happy to have discovered a new dev community!

I look forward to meeting anyone new! :)


Hi everyone,

My name is Don and i’m in my last year of IT at university in Townsville, Australia. Over the last couple of years I have been able to learn Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, SQL as well as some HTML and CSS. In my spare time I enjoy mucking around with my Raspberry Pi, doing online courses in new languages and learning about different areas of IT. I’d like to start contributing to some open-source projects but I am unsure where to start.



Hi All, I am SDET working on mobile app automation. I use Java and I have started learning JS. Found this forum through Appium forum and looking forward to learn with you all!

Hope you all have a fantastic day :)


Hi friends!
I'm Zeynep, a web developer for over a year now. I develop sites with using Angular, Spring and so on. I aim to improve myself more in terms of productivity, creativty and quality of code. Moreover, I'm interested in Machine Learning thing. It really makes me excited but I feel that I don't really work hard to understand and develop one of them too.That's why I came here to start from scratch with full of motivation!So, I would be glad, if I can make you guys excited to learn new things too! Also your help will not be bad :)

Have a nice day!


Hi all,

I'm sammy, I'm a pretty okay developer proficient with C#, Angular and .NET.
I love my screen, would probably need glasses soon lol :)
I'm currently exploring Java and Other Javascript frameworks/libraries (React, Vue) for personal development. I think I get the basic concepts of React but I'm not fully convinced I should leave Angular4+ behind yet, so I plan to re-do some old projects of mine using React.

Anyway its nice to meet you all :D


Hey folks,

my name is Dan Untenzu and I am a Webdeveloper from Dresden, Germany. 👋

I work with the two PHP Projects TYPO3 & Symfony. And I'm interested in DevOps, Git, Open Source and PHP in general.

Looking forward to share knowledge and ideas. 💻🤝


I'm Jermaine, a web developer in London who came across dev.to last week. I have taken the challenge of joining this group to improve my technical writing skills. Looking forward to knowing and learning from you.


Hi everyone!
I'm Sakib. I'm an Electrical and Electronics Engineering student, but very interested in computer science and programming. I first get to know what programming is when we had to a CSE minor course.

And then I first felt the magic of programming and working with computers...

I started programming with C and now learning Python. It's been really exciting from since then and I hope I can learn many interesting things being here...



Hello Community,

I'm Alex, 31 years old, i've been working in banks and i was fed up of the way of doing things (old, slow, inefficient).
I've always been a bit geeky and a tech enthusiastic, so i decided to learn to code.
After fewcourses followed online, i saw that in order to elevate my coding i needed to learn in a more academic way.
Therefore, i decided to enroll in a bootcamp, in my home country in France.

Experience was awesome, i love coding :) that's for sure.
Totally, do not regret this change and the investment.

I finished the bootcamp few weeks ago, now i've joined my girlfriend in a caribbean island 😎.

I've a ton of article to read (mostly from dev.to 😁) a lot of reharse to do with my bootcamp course, a portofolio website to build, a e-shop project for friend and practice practice and again practice coding.

Then, hopefully i will be able to find some freelancing project.

Thanks for this site, i've been reading articles before my bootcamp even without understanding all it helped a lot.
Now, even more helpfull and usefull to elevate my game.
Thrilled to be part of the community.

Wish you all the best and please keep posting great ressources 👏🏼

Stack : HTML5, CSS3, Ruby, Ruby on rails, ES6 MySql (bootcamp stack).
After being comfortabl with these, i would like to learn a JS framework such as React and/or Angular (any advice??)

PS: Sorry for my writing, i'm not writing so much in english, i have to practice and put the corrector in english 😝

Wish you all the best and see you around here.



Bienvenue Alex! Bonne chance dans vos projets à venir!


Hello all,
am Chuks, a UI/UX-frontend hybrid. Right now am trying to focus on mobile-web(mostly PWA), web performance, serververless thingy and web animations (i love animations). so i decided to join this awesome community and learn from you all


Hi all, am a Software Developer with full stack interests. Am currently experienced with Javascript, Goland, Ruby on Rails and am currently in the process of broadening my stack with C#, Machine Learning, PowerBI and more.
I actually joined due to a initial post by Micheal in Looking For Workplace Experience.

But later found out that Dev.to was much more and it's definitely a community i would love to be part of. More so, having stuck without work even after much interviews where most seem more interested in Senior level developers, it can rather be a hard time being in the middle, which makes it great to find community there to help and support you.

Best Regards to all.

P.S: Am available for any full-time/contract work.


Hi everyone, I am data center engineer and technical writer. I like building things and writing about building things. The tech writing side got me into html, css, and recently API documentation. The DC side got me into Linux and Python. I am looking forward to engaging more and reading through DEV.


Hi all!
I'm Hadi, a web developer by profession and a beginner data scientist by choice. I'm a student and just started learning new technologies. My favorite language is python. Right now I'm into web development projects for some firms.


Hi everyone!

I'm a front end developer and designer, more emphasis on the developer side although I'd love to professionally do both. Love making interactive applications and currently learning/creating first React app. Next on the to-do list is something in AR and getting into generative art.

Awesome to be here!



I've been programming for around 37 years. My first program was on a PDP11 when I was 16. I've been reading and enjoying the articles on Dev.to. I've been learning Vue.js lately and really love it!

Currently, I'm a full time missionary in Thailand and doing freelance work on the side to pay extra bills (college for eight kids, medical issues, etc).

Richard Guay


Hello Im Josue. I like to learn thinks about security, computer rep and maintenance, 3D web design, crypto coins,.. all related with tech. Except for 3D modeling rendering and animation I when to a school the rest I learn by myself.

I can build a whole computer install operative system Mac Windows and some Linux distro.
My pastime is try programs every day, from open source till free, trials, licensed etc.

Because I like to do thinks in my won way the first web page I did was in a txt file. Even now I prefer programs that allow me to edit HTML.

Far from being proficient, what I do is try to resolve the issues as they show up.
Several times I have visited this page looking for some information, but till today I decided to become a member. I think |I own at least this to the community that help a lot with information, ideas and solutions.
So thanks to creators of this amazing project and the members that make it bigger and great
Keep doing the god job


Hi everyone! I'm James and I'm here because I saw Ben Halpern talk today at the Codeland conference in NY! I started learning JavaScript and basic web development in 2016, am finishing up a 10 month full time bootcamp for full stack JavaScript, and have been focusing on React and Redux lately, but I know there are so many things (like making your website super fast!) that I want to learn. Excited to be here!


Hi Everyone

My name is Ed, but everyone calls me Doc. I'm a Software Engineer with a 30+ year career. I've worked on just about every 'big' platform available (mainframe, mini computer, PC, web) and in all aspects of the SDLC. My current focus is with Python, data engineering. Despite my years in the business, still love writing code, and making new cool things!


Hello. everybody!

I'm Cipto, from small town Lamongan, Indonesia. I have great interest on coding, but have not actually made much money from it. No IT experience on a company. Only two small web projects.

Having experiences mostly on Laravel/Lumen and VueJs. I've created small instagram clone using Lumen(rest api, jwt) and VueJs (using Vuex, vue-router, module-based). Now I am learning firebase. Thanks


Hii guys,
I'm Nitish from India, a web developer and an engineer graduating this year. Very much excited to be a part of dev.to!! :)

P.S. two days back I got rejected in an interview and I was told that I'm not technically sound and they asked me just 2 questions in technical round!!!


great story. Would you mind sharing the 2 questions? Thanks


Christopher Augustus here. Now that I have a little time off from my full-time paying gigs, I'm coding in the only languages I want to use going forward: Rust, Kotlin, and Python. I hope to use as little as possible the languages that I'm tired of knowing too well: C++, Java, and Ruby.


My name is AroicX am a web developer and also a graphic designer currently learning laravel a php framework also react and angular js. Not very creative with front end designs but am good at back-end design and coding 😎.


Hi All,

I am a DevOps Engineer, working with Chef and related technologies.

Currently, I am working with creating cookbooks for PaaS offerings for our Private Cloud such as MySQL (standalone + cluster) etc.

In addition, my next task is to come up with an SDLC approach with integrated CI/CD using Jenkins, Git (GitHub) and Artifactory.

Glad to join this forum.

Vaibhav Khetrapal


Hello all,
just discovered this cool community by recommendation of a colleague.

I´m a self taught frontend-ish web developer currently working on Angular (I´m the noob in the team), but have worked with several languages and a few frameworks, since when Flash was owned by Macromedia. I dabble both in the frontend and in the backend (mostly PHP). My strongest suit is styles, layout and front-end performance.

Never take me too seriously, I don´t.

I´ve made my living so far by getting people to pay me as I experiment and learn new tech in their projects, while I do my best to fulfill their requirements. As a result, I´m quite often the go-to guy for several obscure/old/uncommon technologies (who knows how to google for a particular problem).

I accidentally ended up living the awesome city of Munich.

In my free time:

Nice to meet you all


Hello everyone!
I'm a developer who accidentally learned python/django when learning prerequisites for machine learning. It has been a great journey so far.
I officially joined today after months of lurking.

Have a great day Devtopians ;)


OpenSource advocate. FullStack polyglot. Passionate for #Diversity & #Inclusion. Founder of github.com/DashboardHub/PipelineDa...

In recent years I have trended on GitHub with the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Angular etc and was in the top 500 open source contributors in the world on GitHub.

Usually using: node, angular, typescript, serverless, aws, automated tests with cucumber. But also do java and php.

Lets pair on code live on Twitch ... twitch.tv/eddiejaoude/ (follow to get notification when live)

PS. Always learning from everyone!


Hi all,
I'm Tunde, I'm a frontend developer, I'm proficient with HTML and CSS, my Javascript skill is average. I'm looking forward to learning more around these areas expecially Javascript.

I'm sure I'll learn a lot here, nice meeting you guys 😀


Hey everyone, I'm Elly and I've been working as a developer for about 9 months. I'm a Bootcamp graduate from HackerYou in Toronto. I'm really enjoying all the coding I've been doing, lots of learning and challenges over the last few months. Lots more to learn and super excited to be a part of this community.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Edem and found this site via twitter.I am transitioning from the service desk to becoming a dev.
Bootcamp begins end of this month!!!
Will be lying if i said i wasn't excited!!!!

Good to meet you all.


Old fart here... 30 years in this business... from assembler to c to c++ to management then back to web programming... lol Never gets boring...

I am mostly interested in full stack now with Laravel / Vue ... I do dabble like every one else in Node here and there...


Hello World!
(I'm a traditionalist :)
My name is Leonid Breido, I'm a programmer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. C, C++, C#, JS, R, Perl (now not very often :). Started with Borland C++ 1.0 many years ago. Still working. What else? I hope to learn something new and to be useful in discussions.


Hi all!

I'm Cristofer, a web developer from Brazil. I read lot of stuff in dev.to and now finally create a account to comment sometimes.
Excited to become a part of community and have fun with comments and code :)


Hi, I am React and Spring boot developer. Working in Careem Engineering ( ride-hailing giant in MENA region ). Currently, I am learning Golang. I found stumbled upon one article on Reddit and joined this community. Looking forward to learning with you all !!


Happy weekend!
I'm Arlene, a mostly positive person, but looking for that first dev job - or something that will lead to it. Currently doing the 100 Days Of Code on Twitter, and abusing it to get classes done.


Hello Devs,
I am Nick, tech enthusiasts. I am a student with special interest in web development, I poke around web technologies, not proficient in any. Have done small projects for front-end development.
I will appreciate your advice on my question.."Should I continue learning bits in web development languages or stick in, say frontend , and perfect on the technologies used and later learn the backend".
Thank You in advance


Hi all,
I'm Sanjay, and I've been into web development for like three years now. I'm also a Computer Science Engineering student who builds websites in my free time. I recently learned about PWA's and I'm working on building a couple of them as part of the learning process. (Dev.to is an awesome PWA by the way!)
Well, I have been a lurker here for a very long time now, just procrastinating every time I thought of actually signing up. But here I am :)
I have to say, this is an awesome community! Excited to finally be a part of it.
Have a good day everyone!


Hello World,

My name is Nayonna. I just got my first job as a software developer. I have been programming for one year. I am attempting to build my skills while joining a growing development community.


Hi everyone. I'm Alasdair, an experienced developer/architect/consultant from Scotland. I've just stumbled across the site and can honestly say that I'm really enjoying the quality of the blogs and posts.

As well as working with large organisations I'm also in the process of creating a startup focused on simplifying the creation of microservices and making them accessible to developers and quick to start. If anyone would like access please just shout and I'll set up an account.

Look forward to reading more and speaking to some of you soon.

p.s. anyone else in the UK / Scotland?



I am N Minnov. Life-long student of software development and technology in general. Love to listen and read more than talk or write! Observation, curiosity, introspection and contemplation have helped me become a better developer as well as a better person!

Enjoy deep and philosophical discussions on any subject!

@nminnov on Twitter.


Hi everyone!

I'm James. I'm actually not a developer, I am an industry analyst but I spend most of my time trying to understand the choices developers make and the tools they use.

I will probably be pretty much a lurker, but hopefully might be helpful to someone here at some point. I know a lot of context, stuff and people.


Ok dev will introduce myself :3
Hello everyone ;D
I'm Mahmoud junior frontend developer , but i love python and i want to learn about data analysis and machine learning ,
currently i am preparing my self to dive into the data analysis .

i found a link some friend shared on facebook about this site and i liked it the moment i joined <3

so i hope i will find a group of people shares the same interests and we can encourage each other :D


Hi all!
I'm Hussnain, a web developer and Ai Enthusiast based in Pakistan. I try to code in my free time. Love to work on new ideas. Excited to be a part of this community.

Hope you all have a nice day :)


Hi All!
This is Tanvir from Bangladesh. I have been doing API and backend development using Spring Boot for over a year. Dev.to is an awesome community of developers and I would very much like to be a part of it.



I'm Scott Hannen, a software developer for the past 15 years, although anyone who's done this for a while knows how meaningless a number of years is. I write the best code I can using mostly C#, SQL, some JavaScript, and I'm continually learning pretty much the same stuff as anyone else who uses those languages.

I like to write about what I learn. I'm obsessed with the ripple effects of seemingly insignificant coding decisions and how they can accumulate to make our software more or less maintainable. I write my own blog, but I'll see if it's worthwhile posting some content over here.

How did I not know about this site? I found it by googling "Scott Hanselman."

I'm looking forward to reading and writing.



Hi all I am Joe Richard | Coffee enthusiast, Android Developer
An android application developer having a strong understanding of the Android app development life cycle with 5 years of experience in the development industry.

Specialize in developing Mobile applications, primary focus will be on the development of Android applications and their integration with back-end services.


Hey fellow developers,
I'm Prashanth. I am a front-end developer with 4 years of experience. I like new challenges and love to solve problems using code. Not a great coder though ;p . I am here to learn from all of you and better myself and try to be helpful to others like me.


I'm Stefano, in few words, I'm just a geek ;) working with different technologies and languages. Fell in love with functional languages (F#, Scala and a bit of Haskell) and Bitcoin years ago, arrived here cause I discovered Elm and found some great articles here about it.
Now digging into Elm, try to get rid of (a lot) of legacy js code and moving a monolithic Ruby app to a more distributed (and possibly functional(ish)) system.
Happy to be here and hope you will have a nice day.



Hi, It’m Fernando. I’m a lawyer who used to be a CS student and now it’s looking to return to CS again.
I started with Java 2 years ago and I’ve been playing with some Algorithms and Data Structures books and courses (I’m a mentor in Coursera atm), web development, android and ios, kotlin, basic C programming, some interest in Python and Go and probably learning a lisp language (possibly either Scheme or Clojure). I’m even up to learn assembly. I need more time!! 😂


Hi everyone!

I'm Fernando, from Buenos Aires. I'm a software dev and tech lead and I'm close to get my computer engineering degree (I just need to finish my thesis ... someday :P).

I've been reading dev.to for a while and I decided to join in!
Hope to keep learning more from this great community and share my [work|experiences|fears|victories|defeats|whatever] in the software world with you!


Hello everyone, i'm Mouad, a non CS background but really interested in tech. I've learnt some front web dev so far and am currently working with Java both SE and EE. I've been such a lurker during my first steps here but now decided to contribute in any way and anytime I can. I've decided to write my first tech related article and did it so far. It's about RSA encryption. Here's a link to it. Any comment or feedback is welcome, indeed, from your feedback i'm going to learn. Thank you very much community.


Hello, my name is Daniel I'm from Chile, I have been coding for two years now, as a student and I love it. The thing is the more I learn the less I think I know, I'm happy to be here and I hope I learn a lot from you guys, thank you.


Hello World!

I'm Brian, I've been a dev.to lurker for quite some time and I finally felt confident enough to be able to participate and contribute to the community!

I'm currently a cyber security student but I'm trying to expand my network as a freelance web and mobile developer and I'd appreciate and advice along the way.

I've mainly managed wordpress sites in the past but I'm hoping to be able to contribute to more open source projects (I have a soft spot for open source hehe) and participate in bug bounty programs.

Aside from wordpress my favorite/main go-to's are React (Recently started playing with it and I love it!), JavaScript, and Python and I hope to be able to add to the discussion on any of the topics or exploit development even.

That's about all I can think of! I'm horrid at introductions but I'm excited to be here none the less! :)


Hello there! I’m Rafael, a recovering graphic designer trying to grasp how to articulate clear Javascript expressions, write standards compliant applications that perform well and give significant technical contributions to forward a free and open Web. Currently getting to know React and the whereabouts of the view layer.


Hi, I am Raj. Been a web-dev for the last 6 years. Looking to be part of the open source and the blogger community. :) Tired of working on secret client projects all my life. I have also started writing on Medium. Can I share my articles here? Or do I have to write fresh?


Hello everyone!
My name is Casy Azmon. I am an application software developer. I developed desktop and real time web applications using Java, JavaScript, Node.js and PHP. I am a B.tech holder in computer science and have been actively participating in web application development for the past 4months now. I started using nodejs lately and i am enjoying every bit of it. i love developing mobile applications too but have never done one before due to my limited knowledge in android programming.
This two things got me very excited today:

1). Joining and Introducing my self here and
2). Just got and email from Udacity saying


Dear Casy,

We’re very happy to offer you a Google Africa Challenge Scholarship to the Android Developer track! We received applications from many talented and motivated candidates, and yours truly stood out"

Am very happy right now to get started with android..
Cheers and have a nice day!!!


Hey all!

I'm Lauren! I'm a relatively new developer in the computational chemistry field. I code in python and C++ but I'm not super well versed in them yet - but it's a process. Glad to be here and have such a supportive community. Looking forward to all the great discussions to help me procrastinate my work!

Happy coding


Well, I've been registered a few days so I might as well make an attempt to be sociable.

My Name's Julian and I am a beginner at... well, just about everything. Without going into too much detail I've found myself, ALMOST through a series of happy accidents, in the position of building a very small tech company for the locals in my immediate community. I love to talk about it - maybe too much, so I won't get into the circumstances here.

I am REALLY stoked to see a community like this... the atmosphere here is very supportive and friendly - I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels like I have to have a master's in CS before I can ask a question on Stack Overflow and dislikes the impersonal "cutting culture" nature of most reddit groups.

I very much look forward to learning here. I'll probably listen much much more than I speak (see the above "new at everything" situation) but I appreciate the opportunity to stop in and say "hi" - I DO know how to do that.

Thank you to all the contributors and to the creators of the site, and I'm back quiet!


Hey guys, I'm Laurie a jack of all trades mid-level software engineer and polygot. Ben's recent post on the Stack Overflow conversation encouraged me to make an account. I enjoy learning new things and helping beginner coders alike! Happy to be here.


Hi guys,
I'm Palash. I'm a CS undergrad from India and an open source enthusiast. I'm an aspiring developer who frequently contributes to open source software in order to learn software development. I recently made a cli tool to generate .gitignore files for projects written in any language. Would love some feedback on it.
Also its great to be a part of this community.


Hi everyone.

I am Jeremy, I was originally an Infrastructure engineer with some basic coding skills. Lately I have been focusing on writing APIs using Golang, and a front end using React, GraphQL, and a few other similar things... I am basically a newbie, trying to learn.


Hi, everyone here, so happy to have an account of dev.to community, I am a new FE developer from Beijing China, trying to improve my English and looking forward to share knowledge and ideas with you guys :)



I'm sort of a developer. I'm an engineer and urban planner by college degrees, but I've been doing programming in some way/shape/form since I was 7 (and wrote my first program on a Commodore 128 - 10 PRINT "HELLO WORLD" / 20 GOTO 10 :-D).

My job is part programming and part data geek. My team and I build and maintain a travel demand model, which is a system used to forecast transportation needs and conditions in the future. We use a mix of software/languages to do this - Cube Voyager (proprietary program) does some of this, and there's a lot that is in Java.

We primarily use R to work with data inputs and do analysis that ultimately goes into the model, and I've built a few websites using PHP and Javascript to display data and help us work with our data. I've also been working in Node.js quite a bit to develop a system to poll some permanent traffic counters as well as trying to improve the public's access to our data (I work for a government agency, so we share what we can).

I also homebrew beer and run.


Hello All,
I am a hobby developer now. With over 15+ year in IT, I used to develop code and do programming in Java.

But for the last 5 years been on the management side. Since I still have the passion and interest on programming I am currently doing laravel and AWS projects.

Excited to become a part of this community!


Hi everyone :)

I'm Anastasia, a senior undergrad CS student at a small university. I'm graduating in December and am figuring out what I want to do in the CS world. I'm interested in working on accessible/assistive technology and have varied experience in different parts of CS--web dev, software engineering, back-end/db, microprocessors (just programming, not building :P), etc. I'm most proficient in Java/back-end stuff, though web dev is also super fun. I'm in an AI class right now but I feel like a lot of it is going over my head, haha.

I found this community through Twitter, and thought it was time to actually start an account since I'm on here a lot anyway!


I'm an accomplished Website & Mobile App Consultant and founded company, ProtonBits, in 2012. ProtonBits is a fast growing website & mobile app development company.

We're very proud of our wide portfolio including the recent bitcoin apps developed for two separate international mobile industry clients.

ProtonBits is a team of highly talented Website Application Developer and Android developers supporting the US & european market as well as a global customer base. Foreign markets continue to be an important source feeding our dynamic growth.

We have broad experience in a variety of industries such as bitcoin, automotive and m-commerce. We love to cooperate and build relationships with start-ups in addition to working with established enterprises.

Expertise Solutions that we deliver:

  • Wordpress Development Solutions
  • Joomla Development Solutions
  • CakePHP Development Solutions
  • API Development Solutions
  • CodeIgniter Development Solutions
  • Magento Development Solutions
  • Shopify Development Solutions
  • Laravel Development Solutions
  • Ruby on Rails Development Solutions
  • CorePHP Development Solutions
  • BlockChain Development Solutions
  • Yii Development Solutions
  • WooCommerce Development Solutions
  • PhoneGap App Development Solutions
  • Mobile App Development Solutions
  • Android App Development Solutions
  • iOS App Development Solutions
  • Python Development Solutions
  • SquareSpace Development Solutions
  • Custom Software Development Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization Solutions
  • Prestashop Development Solutions
  • Social Media Optimization Solutions
  • Drupal Development Solutions

For each solutions, we offer Hire Dedicated Developer on hourly basis. Our hourly rate starts at USD 12/hr.

Contact me if you have an really interested proposal for business collaboration & Solutions Expert.


Hi all!
I'm Arek, I'd call myself a webdev. I love JS, maybe because I don't know it well enough... Anyway, my biggest passion od creating - that's why I code. I'm happy to become a part of that awesome society!


Hi. I'm Giacomo and i live near Venice, Italy. I'm a (proud) rails developer but just from a year an a half. Before that i did all sort of things, none of which coding related. Maybe I'll talk about that sometime :)
I was probably going to sign up anyway, but it was sad puppy dog who finally got me!


A reddit post brought me here. Neat site.

Gotta just say, tho, the image viewer doesn't jive with the rest of the site.

/me shrugs



I agree about the image viewer; it would make more sense to have it be a modal pop up or something eh? (Disclaimer: I work at dev.to)


a modal would be perfect. It's the base expectation these days I think to have a modal with gray overlay, then escape to make it go away, with an option for new tab.


Hi there!.
I'm Fabio from Italy.
I'm 30 and I work with PC.
Right now I'm a software developer, working with "document composition" software.

I'm in love with Web Developing... design and Javascript code.

Glad to join this colorful community.

Cya around!.


Hi, Abdus here.
I am a self-taught developer, at initial stage of my coding career. I'm learning javascript and I have a little experience in C. I love Linux a lot.
Hope I will become a good developer in future.


Hi all! My name is Cassio, Brazilian software engineer living in Dublin (Ireland). I have been coding since 2000 and since 2004 using Java. Most of my experience is related to JEE and distributed systems.

Today working with many different languages and technologies focused on cloud distributed architectures and coding at Salesforce.

My personal website is about.me/cassiodias.

Best regards,


Hello everyone, it's nice to be here!

I've been lurking around for a few months, now I wanna try to fully join that amazing community.
I'm a second year Computer Engineering BSc student in Turin (Italy), but currently exchanging in Shanghai (hoping that you know where SH is 😂).

In the future I would like to study Data Science and work in that field.

At the moment I'm developing a mobile app in team, with Flutter and Firebase (I'm loving both), as project for the Software Engineering course of my Uni.

I love sailing, swimming and andventurous things (like travelling in the most remote parts of China) in general.

I've just written my first post, here!


I am Jalpesh Vadgama a Full Stack Developer with more than 12+ Years of experience. Currently working on technologies like ASP.NET Core, Node.js, Angular and Vue.js. Also, I have got experiences in databases like SQL Server, MySQL, OrientDB etc.

I also write blogs at dotnetjalps.com


Yo, people!
I'm Adam, I'm 26 from London U.K. and I'm a dad to one 9 year old. (Supermarket sweep intro!) I've been coding for about a year and a half and have reached a point where I (pretty desperately) need a job that I can use my fairly newfound skills! Any help in this department is massively appreciated and other than that, I've joined dev.to to try and make some real life coding friends! Open for messages and conversations, even better if you're local! ✌🏻


Hi All

I'm a web developer working remotely, living in Cyprus.
Working in both Elm and JS and hoping to find time to learn Elixir.
I am always interested in Elm information and opportunities and learning more functional programming.
With previous careers involving journalism and blogging I hope to regularly post my experiences.

Best wishes :)


Hi Everybody!

I'm Felipe, a web developer from Mexico, I will be posting about javascript and RoR. I'm currently working on an application which is basically a dashboard that comunicates with some other applications in real time through socket.io channels. I might be posting about that too.

Looking forward to learning (and posting) a lot!


I'm Chris and I'm a front-end web developer. I'm pretty junior at this point (my experience is mostly doing content updates and layout tweaks to existing sites), but I'm looking to up my game. I also like 3d graphics and game development.



I'm Ricardo. I work in computer field since 2005, doing HTML and CSS - when tabless was still some kind of novelty for many. Since then, I have graduated in System Analysis and worked with Java and PHP (mostly).

My final project on graduation was about search engines in semantic web - I kind of regret not pursuing this in academic field, however, I had little to none incentive from scholars to do so. So I started working on software development - ecommerce and co-related fields.

Another thing I regret: not following my will to learn and work with Python. I spend the whole graduation orbiting around it, but never really taking the risk. "I have to invest something people use - like dotNet and Java" - that was their mantra.

Right now, I'm studying Python on my own and planning some tools that may become a product. However, PHP still pays my bills.

At last, I came here because of the Practical Dev O'Rly "books" (in 2016...?). Stayed for the community.

Take care!


Hi all,

My name is George and I'm a developer at European Organisation for Nuclear Research.

I found this website through a share on Facebook and got hooked up. Lots of interesting stories and advice.

Hope to post something interesting as well someday.



Hello 👋✨

My name is Pedro but I prefer the be called pcdro.

I'm from Brazil and live in São Paulo where I work as a software engineer 💻

I arrived dev.to from Google Now feed and just loved the articles and community environment.

I will read more from dev.to to get courage for my first post, and I hope to learn more about software development with you all 💪

Kind regards from Brazil 🇧🇷


Marketing Manager at HokuApps. HokuApps is a Top iPhone Application Development Company specialized in building iPhone apps for enterprise-grade companies.


Hello, I'm Michael and I'm trying to make the transition to becoming a software developer. I've come to programming a little later in life and I love it. I've taken courses from Udacity and I graduated the Firehose Project's full stack developer course last year. I'm working on a traditional CS degree in the mean time and reading everything I can get my hands on. I've got a portfolio page at muddybootscode.io



I'm Devin. I've been coding for a little while but nothing too complex. My goal over the summer is to take the training wheels off and build my first complex web app with Ruby on Rails. I've got a minimal (standard programing I/II level) Java understanding, and am learning a bit of Elixir. My day job is mostly using SQL (application support) with a bit of tracing to find bugs in our rails app.

Excited to delve into the community and learn as much as I can


Hey guys, I'm Jovica, a sysadmin/devops, fan of Gentoo and Vim. I even wrote a book on Vim.

I see a lot of good posts shared on Twitter via @thepracticaldev , so I'm here looking for more :)

If I find some time, I might write a post of few on Vim/Gentoo/cli in the near future. Now I'm off to reading stuff here ;)


Hi, my name is Chuka. I'm currently a 3rd year Computer Science student at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. I've been reading amazing articles here since I followed dev.to on Twitter and it has really encouraged me to do more! I'm a full stack web developer, I write pretty good python and I'm soon to launch my first ever Web app using Django. Wish me luck!


Hi guys,

I'm Thu, a web developer and a bot maker.

I'm using Scala at work and NodeJs for my side-project (one of my helpful project is Kanjibot - Learning Kanji (Japanese) via chatbot)

Hope to learn more interesting things from this community.




I am GC, android app developer just starting my career in android development. I have just started learning few things in programming more like a basic beginner. I not great with apps just started learning about technology. I found the community when I was searching for free developer sticker and T-shirts.
I have decided to join making the first step in learning.


Hello! This place has become my go to place for lunch break reading and I figured I'd finally join in on the discussion.

I've been programming things for the last twenty years starting out by coding text adventure games in Qbasic. I've been getting more serious about it lately and have also been doing it professionally for a while now. I'm more of a back end dev, but I like to know a bit about everything. Java with Spring and React have seen a lot of use lately.

In my free time I sometimes like to program games and try not to miss any Ludum Dares. Somehow I only tend to only make every second one of them though. Trying to fix that! Speaking of Ludum Dare; anyone else in on the LD jam coming up this weekend?


Hi, I'm the CTO of playtomic.io, an startup in Spain working on a web and app to find and book the best sport activities around. I hope we could share part of the cool things we're doing and find great people here that helps us along the way.


Hi everyone. I am Gilbert Torchon and I love to code! I am from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I am a freecodecamp.com member and I code almost everyday and I just did my first hackaton this month! Heard great things about dev.to so here I am


Hi !
I'm Darwin Almadin. I'm a student taking of Computer Science in my school, 4th year college. I'm a newbie and I wanna learn how to master the field of web dev. Or android dev. ☺ I'm not a kind of guy that fast learner when it comes in programming but I'm a kind of person who is passionate, optimistic, persistent, patience and Don't give up easily. ☺


Hi, guys!

You can call me Ally. I've been lurking around dev.to for a little while now. I'm stoked to finally (attempt to) join in with you all. I'm in love with how inclusive this community seems to be -- how helpful, joyful, and engaging every one of you are.

I've been meddling with software and web development for one to two years now, on and off. It started when I migrated from Windows to Linux (thank goodness). I learned a bit of Bash just to automate some things I found myself doing repetitively. From there, I went on to dabble in web development. It's been a tough road and I occasionally have trouble keeping myself on the path. That's part of the reason why I'm so glad to come across a community of programmers who practically have enthusiasm spilling out of each and every one of their words (that's you!).


Hello all

I graduated from a full-stack development bootcamp in December 2017 as part of a retraining program at my employer. I am currently working on robotic process automation (RPA) through Blue Prism, and I'm working on one or two side projects using a Java backend and Angular front end.

I've been a geek since the 80's and have been involved in technology professionally in one way or another since 1992. I'm excited about the opportunity to build things instead of just using them.


Hy all!

I'm Felipe, 33 years, Brazilian, Software Engineer. I've been working with software development since 2007. I'm passionate with programming and like to discuss topics like performance, software design, unit testing and software engineering.

Hope to be useful and learn with you all ;)



I'm Kurt. I'm a sysadmin / systems engineer. I work in high performance computing, doing everything from cluster management to networking to storage. I'm somewhat fluent in Python, have almost ten years of experience with Linux, and have experience with things like ZFS, MPI, Luster, the Intel KNL systems, GPUs, etc.


Hi to everyone,
my name is Dirk and I live close to Frankfurt in Germany. I have immersed myself in Python and SQL in my free time and will see what this is all good for, e.g. contributing to the digitization of healthcare.
Enjoy whatever you are doing!


Hello! I've been reading articles here forever. I thought it was time to sign up.

I'm a developer at AppRiver and a member of the Software Craftsmanship Atlanta Group.

I really appreciate all of the knowledge that is shared here!


Hi everyone!

I'm Steve, working in Marketing and Business Development for most of my career but lately a lot of coaching for exiting executives. I've come to the point in life where I need change so I'm taking action.

Dabbled in HTML/CSS/PHP some over recent years working on web and a few forums. Before that Basic and C++ in the BBS days. So I've always been around on the fringe but excited to jump in feet first.

Knicks fan, Dad to a delicious 6yo girl, and diehard heavy metal maniac. I also love puppets, and have been creating them for the past decade.



Hi all. I'm a trainee software developer currently finessing my javascript knowledge. I recently started react and I'm building some mini-projects already. I hope to get really good soon. I'll appreciate collaborations, idea-hacks, help, support of any kind. Thank you


Hola,soy una persona bn interesada en la tecnología,sus avances continuos me dejan descrestada, es poco lo que he aprendido, básico en sistemas, aprovecho las oportunidades que se me presentan en la comunidad ya que soy líder comunitaria y madre directiva de los órganos de padres en la institución de mi hija, donde uno de los dos se interesó por abrir un espacio sabátino y apoyar a los padres que se interesaran desde lo mínimo que es encender un pc, hasta tercer nivel de excel.el curso no fue muy profundo pero gracias a este docente somos muchos los padres que salimos del temor a las tecnologías. Ahora he intentado ser más frecuente en un grupo que por azar me llegó la invitación hace tres años(pioneras developers) comunidad de Chicas programadoras, super inteligentes y con unos potenciales tenases y que a pesar de sus talentos tan esepcionslales, se destacan màs por su sencillez y su cualidad de servicio colaborativo, su nobleza, donde todas saben mucho y nadie sabe nada, es un equilibrio de todo y nada, donde las que se destacan en conosimientos comparten al máximo para que las que aún no lo saben puedan llegar a un nivel más alto por medio de su colaboración. En pocas palabras,ESTO ES UNA HERMANDAD QUE DEJA HUELLA A QUIEN QUIERA QUE A ELLA INGRESE.


Hi All,

I'm Dean, A software developer from Edenvale. Currently I am busy playing with an arduino and ESP8266 boards.

I hope to meet some awesome people in my journey to becoming a more experienced developer.


Hi guys & girls. My name is Andrej, I am head of a web development team in Cologne, Germany. Really like the community here and all the great contributions. Hope to have some interesting insights and chats. Looking forward to talk to you!
Viele Grüße!


Hello world!

I am a graduated software engineer who worked 3 years in java Web development and 4 years in .net native development
I would like to keep track of new technologies specially opensource Web platforms both frontend and backend. I am looking to advance in my career and become more involved in the real fun ;)


Hello everybody...

My Name is José, I've been working as a software developer for a while, I use to work with .net framework, I love to read about what developers are doing to learn new stuff, I hope to share with you a lot of interesting ideas...


Hello, world! :) I'm a mobile app developer in training. I'd love to learn more about Swift and Kotlin. My ultimate dream is to make a lot of apps on both iOS and Android platform. Proud to say, I am currently working on it. It's going to be a tough journey since I am choosing both native app development paths. I am just starting out my career so, I am looking forward to work on more projects soon. Fortunately, on my current job in a tech company, I will be able to build a great, solid career growth.

Aside from programming as a hobby and work, I enjoy hiking and travel. I love to go places. Hopefully in the future, I will be traveling a lot and will continue on trying to become a solo backpacker. Wish me luck.

I am here to learn with fellow programmers and if possible, share what I know. I hope to meet a lot of good people here. Maybe we can learn together or just chat. I really don't mind at all.


Hey everyone!

I'm Casey, a recent college grad (Texas A&M, A-WHOOP!), a consultant by day, and an aspiring open-source developer/rock climber by night! I've recently had my first couple PRs submitted and accepted, and have been lurking here for a few weeks but am just now becoming official. I've also recently released my first "big" open-source project after working on it for over a year, Orchid, and I wanted to share it with this community, and I'm super exciting to be joining it, myself!


Hello all

I'm Mohammad Salem a full stack developer from Jordan,I have good experience in PHP and MVC frameworks Yii and Laravel, also Mysql and bootstrap. I am here to be helpful and to connect with people who can help me. Hope you all have a nice day.


Hi all!
I am currently in 3rd year of b.tech in computer science at Andhra University, visakhapatnam.I like and prefer self learning by practically implementing my ideas specific to the technology. I need to do some internship and also project for my academic 4th year. So, I want to know on what I should be doing my project and learn about it in this summer. I think this community is going to help me. Thanks in advance.


Hello! everyone. I am a fresh developer. I have some experience in Android development and recently started learning react native. I have also built few desktop applications using Java and MATLAB. currently, I am also working on a web development project using WordPress and Themler.
I joined this community because I wanted to get in touch with people of same trade as mine. I am also planning to start a blog because I believe the best way to learn is to teach regardless of how much you know.


Hi people!
I'm Naomi, a Systems Engineer student. I got here by curiosity and by the interest of learning more. Currently testing the waters with python and reinforcing HTML5+CSS3 knowledge.
It's a pleasure and for all the ones that are reading this I really hope you have a nice one and that all the red points/marks/errors in your programs disappear. Or at least you get to know why is happening and fix it.


Hello everyone!

I love front-end development. It was something that started off as a hobby back in college along with print design and I've been a front end dev for a little more than 2 years now. I absolutely love working on unconventional layouts and beautiful designs.

Currently on a mission to learn more about CSS Grid, SVG animations, accessibility friendly code and how to draw using a single div.

Hoping to learn a lot from this community and help as much as I can :)


  • Sibi

Hello, I'm Aef, i'm a UI/UX developer in a hub Nigeria trying to +get a footing in mostly Javascript and C#. I'm more proficient in HTML5 and CSS. learnt a bit of Angular and React. Hoping to use what i learn in Javascript and C# to improve the Tech world one bit of code at a time. Happy to know a platform like this. Cheers!!!


Hello! I'm Prasanna HN, from Bangalore, India! I'm very happy to be a part of this community!

Here is my GitHub profile :

And my website : Narasimha1997.github.io


Hello Guys!
I'm Aef, a UI/UX Developer for a Hub in Nigeria. I am proficient in CSS and HTML5. Trying to get a footing in Javascript in terms of UX with frameworks like Semantic UI and YOOtheme's UIkit3. Currently learning ReactJS, learnt a bit on Angular. Have a background in PHP and Python only for introduction to programming purposes. Hoping to learn C# in the future for cross-platform desktop and mobile games/apps. Hoping to contribute to the community one way or the other. Working currently on a ReactJS/Express App. Happy to be in this community. Cheers!!!


Hello everyone!

My name is Nino and I'm a web developer for quite some time now. I saw an article from Flipboard that led me here and found the site to be interesting. I like to tinker with the web like PWAs, beacons (too bad Google killed it) and machine learning. I just finished converting one of my PWAs from jQuery (ugh) to Angular and was a success! Now trying to find a reason to do it in React or Vue.

I like to show of these:


Hello everybody!

I'm Yanely, a developer and designer in Orlando, FL. I've been a dev for a couple years and am always trying to expand my knowledge by doing side projects, reading articles, and watching vids. I have recently taken interest in vuejs so I am excited to get better there. Hope to get to know some of ya'll throughout my learning journey :)


Hey everybody, I'm a software dev @ IBM in the UK. Currently mostly doing full-stack web dev in JavaScript. Also have some experience with Python, Swift, and Java. Looking to explore React Native a lot in the coming few months!


Hi everyone! I'm Nicole, a self-taught web developer and lover of all things digital marketing, blogging, and WordPress. I used to make websites for fun when I was a teenager, but I wasn't encouraged to pursue a career in development because it wasn't a big thing back then. (Showing my age here 😂)

I went to school for graphic design and business, and worked in healthcare database administration for 8 years. In late 2017, I decided to make a career change into web development. I have HTML and CSS down and I'm currently working on learning JavaScript.

Fun fact? I'm from Indianapolis, IN, USA but I recently sold my house and most of my stuff and moved into an RV. I now live in beautiful Tucson, AZ, USA.

Nice to meet all of you and I look forward to learning from you.


Hi, guys!
I'm currently a computer science student and I've already completed a computing technician. I'm trying to figure out which path career in computer science I'll follow and to improve my coding skills, especially in C/C++, but I also love python <3

I'll be glad to learn more about this community!


Hey everyone.
I am Yuval, a mathematician who likes to program in his spare time.
I have some experience with python and C++ and teaching myself .NET programming right now (C# and F#).

Have a nice day!


Hi All,

I am MK and iOS development engineer for more than 6+ years now. I am good in Swift, iOS, iPhone programming and in app development.

I have good analysis skill and programming skill but often take long times to complete programming task. Reason is to try to be perfect and do heavy lifting. :)

Also, I can understand and explain complex topic really well but some time I will forget everything. :(



Hi everyone,

I'm Zack and I'm a web developer by day mostly using java, moving towards Angular 5 and Nodejs along with MongoDB. I'm here because even though I have a Bachelors in CS, I feel I lack a basic understanding of a lot of programming concepts. I know how to do things, but not WHY or HOW it actually works. So I'm hoping to get over my imposter syndrome I suppose by joining here, and in the future, contribute back. Thanks for your time!


Hello everyone.

I'm Ira. I'm not really sure what career path I'm looking to take. I'm a data analyst by trade but I really enjoy programming and things related to programming. I'm pretty open to learning whatever skills I can and just hopefully finding my way.

Anyways feel free to shoot me a message or comment.


Hi everyone!
Billy here and I'm glad to have found this community. I've been passionate about programming for a long while now and I'm constantly in search of development. Primary language is PHP but moving on to Python for new projects. Looking forward to collaborate with you all!


Hello everyone,

My name is Eric, I've been programming since the 6th grade, got started with HyperCard/Talk (does that date me? lol). I next pushed my skills forward with using REALbasic (now Xojo) and eventually moved on to Objective-C and now Swift. I do some website management for my tribe (full front-end and back-end dev) using Bootstrap with jQuery to get things looking good, or at least functional (haha). I also program as a hobby using Swift making apps and games, I have 2 apps on Apple App Stores (1 on macOS and 1 on iOS), which I've actually made a few dollars!.

My main passion is native app dev for mac/iOS but the web dev stuff I do is fun at times (frustrating with the browser differences, I'm looking at you IE/Edge!).

My current day job is a temp position at my tribe doing filing in our realty office and web site work (as a contract). Personally I'd love to get a remote job that pays decent, so that I can continue to be with my Grandpa (he's 85) and help pay bills as well as continue to be devoted to some other obligations I have here at home.

Recently I started the freeCodeCamp front end developer certificate program so that I could increase my knowledge about web technology and to help build my portfolio. Over the years I've also learned several other programming languages, mostly all C based (once you know one C based language you pretty much know them all, you just have to get use to the different idiosyncrasies) so to list them all I could say that i know the following languages with (varying confidence levels), in no particular order:

C, C++, JavaScript, Java, Visual Basic, C#, Objective-C, Swift, Ruby, Xojo/REALbasic. I've probably forgotten a few but that's a good list I suppose.

Hope this wasn't too long of an intro or TMI.




Hello everyone,

My name is Eric, I've been programming since the 6th grade, got started with HyperCard/Talk (does that date me? lol). I next pushed my skills forward with using REALbasic (now Xojo) and eventually moved on to Objective-C and now Swift. I do some website management for my tribe (full front-end and back-end dev) using Bootstrap with jQuery to get things looking good, or at least functional (haha). I also program as a hobby using Swift making apps and games, I have 2 apps on Apple App Stores (1 on macOS and 1 on iOS), which I've actually made a few dollars!.

My main passion is native app dev for mac/iOS but the web dev stuff I do is fun at times (frustrating with the browser differences, I'm looking at you IE/Edge!).

My current day job is a temp position at my tribe doing filing in our realty office and web site work (as a contract). Personally I'd love to get a remote job that pays decent, so that I can continue to be with my Grandpa (he's 85) and help pay bills as well as continue to be devoted to some other obligations I have here at home.

Recently I started the freeCodeCamp front end developer certificate program so that I could increase my knowledge about web technology and to help build my portfolio. Over the years I've also learned several other programming languages, mostly all C based (once you know one C based language you pretty much know them all, you just have to get use to the different idiosyncrasies) so to list them all I could say that i know the following languages with (varying confidence levels), in no particular order:

C, C++, JavaScript, Java, Visual Basic, C#, Objective-C, Swift, Ruby, Xojo/REALbasic. I've probably forgotten a few but that's a good list I suppose.

Hope this wasn't too long of an intro or TMI.




Good reads on this site!
Thanks for the great idea of having these intros. It's good reading through this threat to get a sense of the folks here.
I'm a test engineer. Looks like there are a few test and QA engineers here as well! :)


Hello there! I'm Prasanna from Bangalore, I am a full stack developer (self learnt). Currently I'm trying to craft something with Flutter, it is an awesome UI tool I've ever seen, I've also worked on React stuff, Python and Machine Learning!
Here is my GitHub link : github.com/Narasimha1997
And my website : Narasimha1997.github.io

Thank you all, I'm glad to be a part of this community!


Hi All,

I'm Joris, a developer from the Netherlands. I've been coding for a while now (mostly sites, full stack) and currently specializing in embedded system and software development.

I'm always working on a ton of side projects, but never have the time i'd like to finish them!

I'm looking forward to be a part of this community.

If you have any questions about code, living in the Netherlands or anything else, let me know ;)


Hi everyone!
My name is Mariana and I'm a Full Stack Web Developer, or at least that's the title I go by :)
Been working as a Web Developer for the past year with little interruptions. I started to learn to code couple years ago, however, I officially quit my full-time job back in 2016 and went to GA and completed Full Stack Web Development Program. It's been an adventure so far, can't complain. The only complain I have is that "I'm always trying to learn more, and the more I learn the more I feel like I don't know!"


I am a 13yo "game developer" and I make games in my spare time for fun and usually for game jams. I make them with C# in Unity and I always try to learn new tools. I made once a wesite with 3 webpages to troll my friend and since then I started to dive a little bit into the web development world. I am always looking for ways to improve my web dev & game dev skills!


Hi All!:)

I’m Karl Parker. I’m a mobile app developer living in Singapore. I am a fan of technology, innovation, and web development. I’m also interested in programming.
Specialize in developing Mobile applications, primary focus will be on the development of Mobile applications and their integration with back-end services.


Hello folks :)

Thanks for this amazing community, I just found it recently.

My name is Jayme Edwards, and after developing software for just over 20 years, I keep running into frustrated and burned out developers.

Even though I got promoted several times and was successful, I started burning myself out in the first decade of my career before I got into consulting.

So I started a YouTube channel last April to try and help developers with soft skills, and having a healthy mindset for their career.

I'll be lurking around reading articles and commenting, and sharing videos I think are pertinent occasionally.

Most of my videos are in the 10-20 minute range but I had some subscribers recently ask for shorter excerpts you can find under the #HealthyDevTips playlist.

If you have any questions, or suggestions for future topics you'd like me to cover - hit me up here or in the comments on YouTube.

We're all learning this together, and though I've found some things that I think will really help you have less stress and keep growing - I'm still learning things all the time!

Thanks again for having me!



Hi there!
I'm Christian from Argentina. I've been working as a web develop for 4 years but my interest come to me many years before.
I work mainly with nodeJS. Currently i'm developing using react but i made some backend and devOps stuffs.
I hope to be useful with the community sharing my knowledge and learn from your great posts!

Cheers :D


Hello Devs

I'm Kushagra, a mobile app developer by profession. I currently work with iOS(Swift) / React Native apps.

Love to code and learn new stuff which are cool and useful. Looking forward to loads of learning & sharing in this awesome community :)


Hi Everyone,

I'm Zack, a mostly java web dev using Angular 5 and MongoDB. While I have a Bachelors in CS, I feel that my base understanding of programming is severely lacking, much like imposter syndrome. I can do many things, but I have no idea WHY I'm doing them or HOW they're working. So, I'm here to get back to basics for now, and hopefully, in the future, contribute back to the community. Thanks for your time!


Hi everyone,

I'm Zack, a Java centered web developer currently using Angular 5, nodejs and MongoDB. While I have a CS degree, I feel that my basic understanding of programming could be vastly improved. I know how to do certain things, yet, I've no idea WHY I'm doing them or why they work. So, I guess you could say I'm here to get back to basics, and hopefully, in the future, contribute. Looking forward to growing here!


Hi guys,
My name is Micheal and I am a front end developer. I am not fluent in the programming languages I use yet but I can work some magic with them in my daily work life. I am very much interested in React and I hope to learn it in no distant time. I will look forward to getting some support from everyone and the same goes for me in every little way I can.
God bless us all!!


Hello everyone!
My name is Casy Azmon, i am an application software developer. I developed desktop, real time web application using Java, JavaScript, Node.js and PHP. I am a B.tech holder in computer sciences and i have been a developer for about 4months now (need more experience). i started learning node.js lately i am enjoying every bit of it. Actually love developing mobile apps but have never done one before because of my limited knowledge in android programming...
Two things making me very happy today:
1). Getting to Know this awesome community and
2). I just got an email say from audacity saying


Dear Casy,

We’re very happy to offer you a Google Africa Challenge Scholarship to the Android Developer track! We received applications from many talented and motivated candidates, and yours truly stood out."



Hi all,

I am Shantanu. I completed my B.E. in Electrical Engineering from UIT, Burdwan and then got placed in TCS where I am currently working. I love coding, reading books, solving problems. Cheers!


Hi everyone! A friend of mine told me about the Realtime App contest, and here I am with no idea of what Pusher is :) , but excited with the idea of learning something new. Who knows! Maybe I'll send a project by the end of May. Happy hacking!


Hi there everybody! i'm Alberto, i'm just a starter in python programming still learning the basics and trying to code on every chance i get, i got here from a post about PyCaribbean on a FB page of Dominican programmers and what i love about python and the reason i start learning is for my curiosity on machine learning.


Hello everyone!

I'm Raúl, I'm Spanish, and I'm new here.

At this time, I'm working as a Full Stack developer, mainly focused on the back-end part. But I love coding and I want to learn different technologies.

I came to this community looking for a way to learn how start with VueJS to improve my skills.

Currently im looking for change in my career and learn new things can help me on my future.

I want to have good moments here, learning from everyone and helping everyone.

P.S. I'm sorry for my English, I'm also learning it.

See you!



I'm Eric, a SRE working on moving away from operations and back into my true love; turning stackoverflow into production code ;)

My true love is python but that doesn't mean I can't use whatever tool best fits the job. Figured I'd actually log in and post for once rather than just only reading this to avoid doing actual work. :P


He everyone!

I’m florian, a web developer from Lübeck, Germany. In the past I was working for a company called ABOUT YOU (one of the biggest ecommerce-startups in Europe) as php lead developer for the MOVE Tool, which is kinda like a small internal Facebook for the company. Now I’m working as a senior php developer at a small agency called Parrot Media in my hometown :)

I’m very into the Laravel community, hosting some open source projects such as Phpmap and I love to work on backends! ❤️


Hello, world! My name is Stanislav Polimac. I live in Belgrade, Serbia and I am a database mole recently entering data science field and extensively learning Python. Someone shared an DEV article on linkedIn and one read article later - here I am, hoping to find more and possibly add few in time...


Hey all, I’m new to the site. I am a 36 year old in the midst of a career change. I am about halfway through a bachelors degree in software engineering. My main programming interests are fullstack web development and mobile development. My goal is to work full time eventually doing freelance development or publishing my own web and mobile apps.

A random personal thing is that I am into tabletop gaming. I look forward to getting to know everyone and learning!

  • Josh

Hi geeks,how are you all doing ? I just stumbled out of nowhere :) was reading some post when someone "threatened" me to make acc,and so here i am


Hi everyone!
I'm Nabil, a Full Stack JavaScript Developer and CTO at Chum Chum Digital Agency Pvt Ltd. I've been coding web and hybrid apps for about more than 2 years. Currently, I'm learning React. Hope to meet people with similar interests. I provide outsource solutions to different clients and companies abroad and local. If you have anything that needs to be made, discussed or designed, give me a shout!



Hi All!
I'm Arushi, working as a Javascript developer in a company and basically a newbie. I am working on Angular, React and Node on my personal small projects, also, hoping to find a job in the same :)


Hey, I'm a wannabe dev who happens to love writing(well, it's a love/hate relationship). Nice to meet you all!


writing (well, it's a love/hate relationship)

I feel you there; welcome!


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Hi all!

I'm Eryou Hao, a front-end developer from China. I love JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, VSCode, Vue.js.

Nice to meet you!



I'm Vish, a front-end developer and now a student. Trying to get into the habit of programming every day but unable to focus. Look forward to learning something new and to prepare myself for my dream job in the Silicon Valley. Plan to learn React in the summer to boost my profile. Hope I can be determined enough to do it.

Have a great one!



I'm Vish, a front-end developer and now a student. Trying to get into the habit of programming every day but unable to focus. Look forward to learning something new and to prepare myself for my dream job in the Silicon Valley. Plan to learn React in the summer to boost my profile. Hope I can be determined enough to do it.

Have a great one!


Washington Post, and other similar, will need to evolve. Sanitized information is progressively becoming less attractive, perhaps even credible (in the sense of 'real'). The horse's mouth is where its at, and will inexorably expand I feel. And yes I'm doing something about it, at my 'tiny' level.


Hi Dev.to! I'm a full-stack developer (mainly JS nowadays, but Java, Python and more in a past life) with a little under 10 years of experience. Right now I'm mainly building tools for developers: an IoT platform in my day job at Resin.io, and HTTP debugging tools as side project by night.

I am super into software development, and I'm really excited to get more into dev.to.

While I've got you here, a question: what're the best & worst development tools you've ever used?


Hello everybody! My name's Sergio, and I'm a developer from Spain! Long time lurker, first time poster.

Some facts about me: I'm currently studying a master's degree while working part-time as a developer. The most interesting project I'm involved in at the moment (that I can talk about) is the development of a CHIP-8 emulator for Android with three of my university colleagues (Open Source, you can check it out at my GitHub profile!). I think that when that's done, my next pet-project is going to be a GameBoy emulator :D

I love C#, Python, and I'm learning Kotlin as fast as I can.

Really looking forward to participate in this awesome community.


Hi,I'm new on the web development world, triying to get better on JavaScript and angular at the moment. Hope you all are having and excellent day and a wonderful week


Hello World!

I'm Olaf (born before the one from 'Frozen' :p haha let's say they stole my name xD ), a back-end Developer in Mauritius (a beautiful island :) you should check it out ) and just started freelancing in the area of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

I really appreciate this community (been following since a while). Will probably be posting asap .


Have a nice week :D