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Spaces, a coworking spaces Bootstrap 4 template

Zoltán Szőgyényi
CEO at Themesberg. I turn beautiful coffee into delicious websites. He/him.
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Spaces is one of the most advanced Co-working Listing Web Templates we ever created. It is built on the popular Bootstrap 4 CSS Framework and includes beautiful and practical pages to best showcase co-working spaces for awesome workers.

Spaces comes with 13 advanced pages with a focus on providing high quality content in the field of co-working spaces across the world. Not only that, but this product also comes with a vast collection of custom UI Elements including buttons, alerts, navigation bars, pricing cards, profile cards and many more. All of these components are thoroughly documented and have examples provided for their usage.

Let us present you a list of all the available unique pages:

  • Homepage
  • Space details (details, reviews, video, gallery, location, contact user)
  • Listing of spaces (search, filter, sidebar & multiple views)
  • Submit a space
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Blog
  • Article
  • Sign in
  • Sign up
  • Reset password
  • Coming soon page
  • Legal page (terms & conditions, privacy)
  • 404 error
  • 500 error

We used the infamous Gulp to process dev tasks such as creating a distribution (minified) version of the product which skyrockets the Google PageSpeed scores to almost a perfect 100 score. At the same time, we also provide a simple classic HTML5, CSS & Javascript version of Spaces without all the other preprocessor languages such as Sass.

Spaces Coworking Template

This co-working listing web template comes with the most popular CSS extension language called Sass, which empowers developers to effectively use variables, mixins and well modularized files to have a seamless workflow. Changing colors, fonts, spacings and shadows is just a few clicks away.

Spaces is also a 100% responsive Bootstrap 4 website with a special care for all devices including custom layouts for tablets. The HTML5 templates are all 100% W3C validated and all assets such as images, fonts and icons are free to use.

Useful links:

This product was proudly brought to you by the official Themesberg development and designer team.

Discussion (3)

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Jerome Ssenyonga

Is this template still available for download

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Zoltán Szőgyényi Author

Hi, yes! Here's the link:

jeromesenyonga profile image
Jerome Ssenyonga

Thank You!