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3.0-alpha Release

I would say this week was great to me, and also it was the most terrible week I ever had in this semester. This was the first time becoming a Sheriff, and also I had to redo the entire project I had for another course.

1st Time Becoming a Sheriff

In Telescope team, everyone should become a Sheriff alternatively, at least they should be once, or twice, and there would be 2 sheriffs each week. This is a good experience for those who wants to know what their future jobs would be, and what they should expect it the meetings.

At first, I was scared a bit of becoming a sheriff, because I had never done this before. I talked to Diana a week before we became sheriffs. She was worrying about this too, but I tried not to worry and have to come over the fear and encouraged her. Personally, I didn't mind talking for the whole meeting, we planned to lead the meeting by one person, but Diana changed her mind to separate into half and half, which meant one of us will lead half of the meeting, and the other one would continue to lead it. I was not clear at first about what she wanted, but I followed her idea since this was not a big deal.

Another reason why I was not afraid of leading a meeting because every team members would have their first time becoming a sheriff, so I thought they would know the feeling of this. I did not put too much emphasis on being a sheriff because it was just a meeting between the team members by the end of the day. Simple thoughts made me not worry about anythings, and I found it was effective sometime.

Sheriff Duties

This week I was encouraging members to continue working on their jobs, and actively asked for help if they needed. We already prioritized which one was more important to get done in 3.0-alpha, so there were no new issues assigned to our contributors, they just needed to focus on what they were having. Some PRs I reviewed:

  • As we added Supabase, and we would keep data in it, so we would need to have a script to run the backup. PR #3405
  • Some minor changes in Docusaurus, and update the colors in PR #3406
  • Adding tests for /github/:project in PR #3412
  • Managing database model and migration with Prisma in PR #3418. Duke always tried to put the new stuffs into Telescope, I really admired him!!!
  • Allows users to press the Enter key when using the search bar in PR #3432

3.0-alpha Release

We decided to do the release on Friday instead of Thursday, which allowed others to have some times to do their works. Right now the 3.0-alpha version of Telescope is released, check it out at

Diana wanted to do the release because she told me she had never tried it before. Luckily, she was the only one that did the release without any obstacles. It was very funny that she was nervous during the meeting and she always asked before she clicked or entering somethings 😅.


Beside OSD700, this was not the first time I led the meeting, so this was another chance for me to practice leadership skills. I always remember this one in mind: "If we cannot do it alone, we will do it together".

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