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3.0-alpha Planning

The Plan for 3.0-alpha

The semester is almost coming to the end, everybody is spending time on preparing for their exams, so we were planning to prioritize which features/issues needed to get done in 3.0-alpha and also 3.0 release. This week, we decided to focus on the features that we need for the final release, and removed anythings that was not important out of the milestones.

My Contribution

I did not do a lot of works in terms of putting the new codes in Telescope, however, I tried to spend some times reviewing others' PRs. Even though it was "PR reviewing", but I thought it would take almost the same time as I was putting the new codes. Some of the PRs that I reviewed in this week:

  • Fix Docusaurus broken links
  • Get rid of Satellite information from Dashboard
  • Run a Satellite instance to provide healthcheck route
  • Add GIT_COMMIT override for local environments
  • Beside getting rid of Satellite old links in Dashboard, Joel also added new links to the sidebar such as Portainer and Supabase production & staging

Final Thoughts

When I reviewing the PRs, I would say that some of them would not take a lot of time to review and test it. However, there were also PRs that I spent hours seeing what happened with it as well as how to tested it out. Some time I had some failures because I didn't run pnpm install when pulling the new changes from upstream, I realized how clumsy I was even though I do it almost everyday :D

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