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3.0 Planning

The semester is going to an end, and we have to get our works done in the final release. This is the quick updates of what I have done so far.

Allows User to Include YouTube URL in Sign Up

We already added support for YouTube feed discovery, and now we are trying to update the UI to allow a user to include their YouTube channel along with their blogs. There are also the same issue with me, which allows a user to add their Twitch channel when signing up.

At first I thought this issue should not take a lot of time because we already had the support for YouTube feed discovery. The only thing I have to do is update the UI so the user can provide their YouTube channel link. Moreover, YouTube already provides the RSS feeds for YouTube channel by[channelID]. However, Dave made a bunch of changes in PR #3488 to allow feed-discovery handle multiple feed URLs, and also different type of feeds, this is the most important one in terms of allowing users to include their YouTube and/or Twitch channel when signing up.

Both YouTube and Twitch features have to be done in the final release, so the next student generation can register their Telescope account on Telescope website.

2nd Time Becoming a Sheriff

This week I had another chance to become a sheriff with Jerry, it was wonderful because I would know the works of sheriffs on the week of release, and the week of planning. Some PRs I reviewed along with the YouTube issue I had:

  • Loading post for mobile version
  • Adding SUPABASE_URL to staging/production environments in PR #3438
  • Another detective work from Kevan, he got rid of legacy backend containers kept getting restarting due to missing package.json
  • Migrate to docs
  • Telescope Supabase/Prisma docs

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