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Managing regions in BigAnimal

In this blog, we will be discussing how we can manage regions in BigAnimal. If you are using BigAnimal's cloud account, you don't need to activate regions, you can simply suspend and delete them.

Activate a new region

When you activate a region, BigAnimal prepares the amount of resources required to deploy clusters. These added resources definitely lead to increased cloud costs. You must activate a region before creating or restoring a cluster.

Every activated region shows a status. The status is only available when you try to restore or create new cluster tabs. You can also activate the region before time on the regions page.

  1. To activate a region before creating a cluster, go to the regions page.
  2. You will be prompted to set up your cloud server provider if it has not been set up yet.
  3. Select activate new region and select your cloud provider and the region you want to activate. You can activate multiple regions where you have plans on adding clusters.
  4. Lastly just select activate regions.

Suspend, reactivate, or delete a region

Before you suspend or delete a region you must delete all clusters in that region.

  1. On the left panel, select regions. You will see a list of previously activated regions appear.
  2. Select the icons next to a region to either:
    • Suspend or delete an active region
    • Reactivate a suspended region

Region status references

These are various region statuses that will be visible in different states:

  • Activating: The status activating appears when you have activated the region and BigAnimal is setting up the compute and networking resources to support the cluster you just requested. Backups and logs of the cluster are not yet available.
  • Active: BigAnimal has completed setup up all the prerequisites and has also set up computing and networking resources. The region has at least one cluster but you can create more, the region now has backups and logs available.
  • Suspended: You have deleted active clusters, Big Animal will then remove the active allocated compute and networking resources. The backups and logs are still available.
  • Deleted: You have deleted the clusters. BigAnimal has removed the computing and networking resources. The backups and logs are no longer available. One account owner can delete a region.
  • Error: Any error occurred while trying to activate or suspend a region. The cause can be a quota issue. You can also contact EDB support if you need some additional help in solving the issues you are facing.



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