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Deleting a cluster in Big Animal

In our series of Big Animal, we will see how we can delete a cluster in the application. You can easily restore deleted clusters for as long as the backup is available. The backup is available for the retention period set for each cluster. After the retention period is over the application automatically deletes the backup. To stop the management costs on the cluster, you can also contact EDB's BigAnimal support team. Otherwise, the costs accumulate way too much.

Delete your cluster:

  1. Go to the clusters page in the portal.

  2. To delete the cluster perform one of the following actions:

    • Select the Delete cluster icon in the row for the cluster.
    • Select the cluster you want to delete. From quick actions on the cluster details page, select the delete option.
  3. Confirm that you want to delete the cluster. Once the process finishes, the cluster is listed on the Deleted tab of the Clusters page.

  4. To stop the associated management costs, contact EDB's support team.

Restoring your cluster:

You can also restore your deleted cluster for as long as the backup is available.

  1. Select the Delete tab on the clusters page in the BigAnimal portal.

  2. Select the restore icon for the cluster you want to restore.

  3. On the cluster restore page review the selections in the cluster summary. Select the restored cluster to begin the restore process.

When the process is completed, the restored cluster is available on the Clusters page.



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