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DB configuration and Additional settings tab in EDB BigAnimal

In the series of creating a cluster this is the last article on the topic.

DB configuration Tab:

You will see the below screen:

DB configuration lab

In the parameters section, you can update the value of the database configuration parameters as needed.

Additional Settings Tab:

In additional settings tab you will see below options, you can easily set them according to your convenience.


You can change the default database backup retention period of 30 days by using the backup retention time control.
You configure the retention period as follows:

  • 1-180 days
  • 1 - 25 weeks
  • 1 - 6 months Big animal deletes backups older than the retention period.


This settings enable the custom maintenance window option and uses the controls to set a weekly 60-minute maintenance window in which maintenance upgrades occur for the cluster. If you don't set a window, the updates are applied at EDB's discretion with prior notification.


- Read-only workloads:
Enable Read-only Workloads. This feature directs read-only operations exclusively toward replicas. If this option is enabled, you might have to raise the IP address resource limits for the cluster:

  • For Azure, the IP address quota is Standard Public IP Address.

  • For AWS, the IP address quota is Elastic IP. You might also have to increase the Network Load Balancers per Region value.

Pg Bouncer:

You can enable PG bouncer, that can help you to manage your Postgres connections and will help your workloads run more efficiently.


Identity and access management:

You can enable IAM authentication to turn on the ability to log in to Postgres using your AWS IAM credentials.

Super User Access:

Enable superuser access to grant super user privileges to the edb_admin role. This option is available for single-node and primary/standby high availability clusters.


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