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Creating a table in database in BigAnimal

In the last article we saw on how do we connect to the BigAnimal and how we create a database. In this article we will be populating the table with sample data and querying it.

You can access the last article over here

Create a table:

Create a table named associates for storing the status of the employees either active or non active.

CREATE TABLE employees(
  status STRING,
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Populate the database with some employees status and their ids

INSERT INTO employees (id, status) VALUES
  (1, 'active'),
  (2, 'inactive'),
  (3, 'active'),
  (4, 'terminated');
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Querying on the table:

The below query will display the active employees

SELECT id, status
FROM employees
WHERE status = 'active';
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Similarly you can make more tables in the database, populate the data and then query over the data.



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