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Creating a new Cluster in EDB Big animal

Following article mainly focuses on how to create an EDB cluster.


I assume that you have already created an account in EDB. When creating an account you receive 300 free credits that you can use for performing some of the operations. Remember these are free credits, use them wisely because once they are finished you will have to enter your credit card to get more credits.

Creating a cluster in EDB:

Follow below steps to create a cluster in EDB, Incase if you follow any error feel free to ask in the comment section.

  • Sign in to the BigAnimal portal either using your EDB account or BigAnimal account. I personally have used my EDB account to get started with BigAnimal.

  • On the home page select the overview tab on the left side.
    Left Tab

  • Now click on Create New Cluster option.

Create Cluster

  • This will lead you to the Create Cluster page.

Following tabs will be displayed there:
Tabs on create cluster page

On Cluster Info tab Specify the settings on the page to create your desired cluster.

  1. First Select Cluster type.
  2. Select where to deploy.
  3. Select a suitable provider and region.
  4. Click on Create Cluster button on the bottom of the page.

On the second tab Cluster Settings out of all those tabs.
You can easily verify or change the name of the cluster, cluster password, type and version of the database, instance type, storage and Network, Logs, & Telemetry.

On the third tab DB configuration, the section is optional but you can also set other set of parameters over there as well.

You can also see other settings on additional settings tab. These settings are also optional.

A brief cluster summary is also available on the right side of the home page.Cluster summary



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