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GitHub Sponsors: azu the Japanese TypeScript and JavaScript developer

I bumped into the GitHub account of azu when I started my research on getting paid more on GitHub sponsors. It is mentioned in the very first article of this series.

azu (azu) · GitHub

Creator of @textlint, @secretlint, @honkit and @almin. Editor of @efcl, @jser and @ecmascript-daily. Author of @js-primer. (Don't send me email-ad.) - azu


Azu mentioned receiving $14,600 in 2023 and steady increase in the number of sponsors. Now that I look at the GitHub Sponsor page of Azu I see the goal is to reach 200 monthly sponsors.
Now there are 114 sponsors which is 57% (though GitHub reports 56%).


Azu created 500+ npm packages, wrote and maintains a number of popular command line tools for JavaScript. textlint has 2,751 stars, Secretlint has 698 stars.
honkit for building books has 2,896 stars.


Although from the sponsors page we can only tell the number of sponsors and not the amount received, but because of the blog post we know that in December 2023 Azu received roughly 1270 USD from 105 sponsors which is about $12 / sponsor.


There are tiers between $1/month and $300/month and they have specific goals. For example Domain Supporter and Book supporter and Sponsor who will get a logo on the web site.


It helps a lot if you maintain a lot of popular packages. It also helps a lot if you have a platform, eg. a newsletter or a popular blog where you can mention the fact that you are looking for people to sponsor specific goals you try to reach.

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