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Day 9: CI for Mojo-UserAgent-Cached and Plack-Middleware-Greylist

Today I can report about two pull-requests for two web-related Perl projects.

One of them is called Mojo-UserAgent-Cached and the other one is Plack-Middleware-Greylist.


It was quite straight-forward. There were only two small issues.
I had to install Module::Install before I could use the regular tools
as the Makefile.PL relies on that. That's a known drawback of Module::Install for developers and maintainers.

The other problem was that tests were failing on Windows so I had to disable them.
Anyway I sent a Pull-request it was merged soon after.


Here too I had to disable the testing on Windows, this time because one of the dependencies was failing own Windows.
The author then wanted to add testing more versions of Perl, but did it himself. I was contemplating a bit if I should send
another PR where first we build the tar.gz on one version of Perl and then use that for testing, but there are no
extra dependencies install for the building so I don't think that could reduce the time or the cpu usage.



That was easy.

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