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Recursive GPT and multiple AI-Powered Prompters - Check out these creative projects! πŸ€–πŸ”₯

What's up?!

I've created 2 apps using the GPT API and want to share them with y'all.

Recursive G:
It's like an autoGPT but web-based, where you set a main goal and watch AI characters work towards achieving it. They intelligently interact, remember past events, and adapt their actions to achieve the goal and more...

It's in alpha, but I've open-sourced it on Github and I'm looking to enhance it quickly....
The neat thing is that you can customize the prompts that make things work directly from the browser.

You can check it out here: recursiveG


A website with preset prompters for specific tasks. Like getting sweet prompts for Midjourney, having two AIs discussing, redactor prompter and much more.

This one was the first thing I did to try to learn working with chatGPT and GPT API all together. It's a fun project and I'm looking to add more prompter along the way that will be useful for all.

Here is the link: G-Prompter

Both project are creative projects that I do by night once my daily job is done and kids are sleeping πŸ˜… but it's crazy addictive and I love it so much!!!!

I'm new to social media and self-promotion game, so be gentle, haha.
I'd appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or comments.

Please give me feedback, suggestion, comment or whatever I'm eager to hear and learn from you all.

Thank you so much for your time and feedback y'all.

Signed: a nerd.

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