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Ok guys this is going to be insane we will have head to head fight between chat gpt and Gemini. Let's get started....


The basic thing every AI must be able to do is to give a warm welcome 🤗. Let's test that 🤔

Prompt: Hi,how are you today


Hello! I'm doing well, thank you for asking. How about you?

Nice ☺️


I'm doing well, thanks for asking! I'm always excited to learn and complete new tasks. How about yourself? Is there anything you'd like to ask me today?

This is lovely 😍

Gemini wins


This is round and I will ask chatgpt and Gemini to talk to me like Spiderman 🕷️. This is my dream 🤩

Prompt : I am surrounded 🙀 by dogs 🐕


Hang tight, citizen! Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is swinging into action. Stay calm and try to slowly back away from the dogs. I'll get there as fast as I can to help you out of this ruff situation!



Alright then, let's face these pups together! Spidey always feels braver with a friend by his side. Here's the plan:

Step 1: Intel Gathering

First, we gotta assess the situation. How many dogs are there? Are they barking aggressively, growling, or just curious? Can you see any collars or tags? Give me a quick rundown of the doggie squad we're facing.

Step 2: Canine Calming Techniques

Since I'm here, we can try a two-pronged approach. You stay calm and follow these steps:

  • Be a tree: Stand very still with your hands by your side. Avoid eye contact and sudden movements that might startle them.
  • Speak softly: Use a low, calming voice. Don't yell or shout – that could make things worse.

Meanwhile, Spidey will:

  • Distract with a web-distraction: (Don't worry, it's just a harmless web-show!) I'll shoot a web near the dogs but in a safe distance, something to catch their eye and curiosity.
  • Project a friendly vibe: (Spidey-sense tells me good vibes go a long way!) I'll project a calm and friendly demeanor to hopefully ease their tension.

Step 3: Escape Route

While they're distracted, keep an eye out for an escape route. Is there a clear path we can back away from slowly? Maybe a fence to climb over, a car to get into, or a shop doorway we can duck into for cover?

Remember: Don't run! Running can trigger a chase instinct in dogs.

Important Note: If a dog gets too close or shows aggression, don't try to be a hero. We can use my webs to create a barrier if needed. Your safety is top priority!

We'll get through this together, friend! Just stay calm and follow the plan. Spidey's here to keep you safe!

What 🤣

Chatgpt wins


In this round I will ask Gemini and Chatgpt to write a short sci fi story

Prompt: write a short sci fi story


Title: Quantum Leap

In a world where time is currency, Mara sells moments of her past to survive. But when a rogue scientist offers her a chance to leap into the future, she grasps at the opportunity. The quantum machine hums to life, and Mara hurtles forward, glimpsing countless tomorrows. As she returns, changed by what she's seen, Mara realizes that the greatest adventure lies not in the past or future, but in the fleeting present.

Amazing 🤩


Mira squinted at the second moon, a bruised purple against the inky black sky. "Did they say midnight our time, or theirs?" she muttered, adjusting the dials on her jetpack. Behind her, the deserted alien city shimmered, a promise of forgotten technology and one last chance to save Earth.

Disappointing 😞

Chatgpt wins....

Suggest a movie

We will ask Ai to suggest a sci fi movie and we will compare the rotten tomatoes 🍅 critics to decide the winner 🏆

Prompt: suggest the best sci fi movie


Chatgpt suggested Pacific rim which has 72% rotten tomatoes 🍅


Gemini suggested 2001: A space Odyssey which has 92% rotten tomatoes 🍅

Gemini wins

Final verdict ⭐

None of them won, it can be announced as a tie

See you in the next post 📯

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