Completed the Hacktoberfest challenge and submitted the prize form πŸŽ‰

swissgreg profile image SwissGreg ・1 min read

Just some humble brag for Monday morning :)

During this Hacktoberfest I finally started contributing to open-source projects.

Programming Cat

Submitting 5 PRs and having some of them already merged feels good (+ it's also nice to get the cool T-shirt) 😎


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Shannon Crabill

This reminds me that I need to fill out the prize form too.

Which projects did you end up contributing to?

swissgreg profile image
SwissGreg Author

Mostly adding docu/examples and a few of Github 'Awesome list' repos :)

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Shannon Crabill

I hadn't thought of adding examples to documentation πŸ€”

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Bimochan Shrestha

I too have completed. They mailed me that they will send me an email to receive swags on Oct 17 but I didn't receive any mail. Anyone facing such issues?

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Sushil Shrestha

hope they will email you for address confirmation very soon.