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Dear DEV's,

After over a year of development, testing in production😉 and adding over 290 transparent tech jobs, we are happy to officially announce SwissDev Jobs.

If you now roll your eyes, thinking 'great, yet another job board' - please hold on for a second and let us tell you the story behind it:

SwissDev Jobs started in 2018 in Switzerland ⛷️🏔️ as a side-project, because we have been frustrated with the existing job boards.

We built a job board that we would use ourselves as Software Developers.

The result?

SwissDev Jobs main page

Detailed view:

SwissDev Jobs detailed page

What makes it unique?

  1. Transparency🔎 - each job posting must have salary brackets and even more important, the methodology info (do they have integration tests, are there QA people)
  2. Usability❤️ - you should be able to filter your target jobs with just 2 clicks and can check their location on the map
  3. Information💻 - every posting is standardized and includes the really important information about the company and the role itself.

Of course, it is your opinion that counts - head up to, click around and tell us what you think!

We are very grateful for your feature requests and bug reports 😉

Help us build a more transparent IT-job market!

Discussion (4)

eligoh profile image
Elijah Goh

I would very much like a 100% remote job board. Many companies say remote but have very specific location needs.

swissgreg profile image
SwissGreg Author

How about the existing remote boards, like - are they missing something?

eligoh profile image
Elijah Goh

I'm based in Asia, and just start with the first listing on Software Dev, 100% remote from any US location.

Its the company's choice and restrictions but it's hard to find a 100% remote anywhere with all the noise.

ethikz profile image
Josh Christensen

Very nice! I am intrigued by the UI/UX of the site. I'm interested in following this and seeing how it progresses.

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