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The Hacktoberfest swag just came in today's mail!

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Just a random brag that the Hacktoberfest package just arrived! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Sneak peek from the un-boxing πŸ“¦

1. T-Shirt:

Hactober T-Shirt

2. Cup coaster:

Cup Coaster

3. And a lot of Cool Stickers:


Thank you again for the nice event!

Special thanks to and Digital Ocean!

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Thats great SwissGerg .. Congratulations on your this achievementπŸ‘ I am just a new guy in programming and in progress of learning MEAN stak web development.. I request you to please write or share any stuff with us from where we can get all info about the hackotober fest that what is it and how any one can take part in it.

Thank you 😁


Hi @Shahroz Ahmed, if you are interested in Hacktoberfest - it is an annual event in October in which you are encouraged to contribute to open source projects and can win a T-Shirt for 4 completed Pull Requests (more info here:

Regarding tutorials, I am not the best resource - but check the #javascript and #angular tags here on :)


Yeah sure SwissGerg I will checkout the resource that you have shared and thanks alot for taking my comment under concern :)


I received mine 1 month ago and am now rocking the stickers on my laptop! ^-^

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