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7 Awesome GumRoad Products for Developers


GumRoad is a platform where you can find some interesting products that shed light on different domains of the development process. You can get some knowledge from it.

So today, we are going to look into 7 Awesome GumRoad products that I will have:

  • Technical Writing✍️
  • Git and Github Actions🚀
  • Code Reviews🧑‍💻
  • Cheatsheet🧾
  • Others➕

Let's get started.

Zero to Hero in Technical Writing: Making Consistent Income

Offers step-by-step guidance and effective methods to not only excel in technical writing but also monetize your expertise by creating compelling and valuable technical articles.

Zero to Hero in Technical Writing: Making Consistent Income

This is my latest ebook about writing technical articles. As it is one of the professions that can be pursued as a side hustle, full-time, or even for just for sharing your thoughts and code with the world through writing articles. Every developer should at least give it a try to write articles so that they can excel in their career. Our main focus here is writing articles as technical writers.

The book is divided into the following sub-topics to cover all topics. Here is a quick look at those topics:

  • Introduction👋
  • Why should you write technical articles?💡
  • How to start your blog?🌱
  • What should you write?🤔
  • Researching the topic🔍
  • Writing style to follow🎨
  • Markdown📄
  • Things to do before publishing the article📑
  • Things to do after publishing the article📢
  • Tools to Use🛠️
  • Challenges of Writing Technical Articles📚
  • Earning money through Technical Writing💰

Note: As I mentioned above, I am running a launch campaign right now, you will get the ebook at a discounted price now. So grab it soon.

CSS Flexbox Made Simple

Everything you need to know about Flexbox in 15 pages

CSS Flexbox Made Simple

Understanding flex and flexbox is quite essential to building layouts. Using flexbox you can efficiently distribute space and align content within a container. This ebook contains beautiful illustrations and diagrams that explain Flexbox in an easy way.

It includes the following:

  • Flexbox terminology
  • All 15 flexbox properties explained simply
    • Descriptions
    • Default values
    • Invalid values
  • Illustrations that demonstrate property values
  • Access to all future updates for FREE

JavaScript Notes and Illustrations (50 concepts)

Learn 50 Important topics in JavaScript with my hand-drawn diagrams, Illustrations and short notes.

JavaScript Notes and Illustrations (50 concepts)

Learning JavaScript can sometimes get complex as you have to understand multiple concepts. There are some concepts that are absolutely necessary to learn in JS. In this book, Kingsley discusses about 50 JavaScript concept and break them down in simple and concise for beginners.

Some topics that are included are:

  • API
  • Promises in JavaScript
  • Asynchronicity
  • Event Loop
  • And other

Master the Code Review

Forge a better process. Give better reveiws. Write better code.

Master the Code Review

Code reviews are one of the effective methods that helps in improving the quality of code. It is an essential practice in software engineering that helps identify and correct code defects. This eventually leads to better code quality and also improves collaboration among the team members. In this video course, you will learn to master the code reviews. It has more than 4 hours and 30 hours of runtime.

The code review course is divided into the following moduleS:

Part 1: Forge a Better Code Review Process (1 hour, 17 minutes)

How to:

  • Spot flaws in your team's process
  • Force multiply your team's process
  • Establish standards for code quality
  • Empower your team to review effectively
  • Enable your team to ship faster

Part 2: Give Better Reviews (1 hour, 24 minutes)

How to:

  • Level up your peers
  • Spot flaws, within and outside the diff
  • Reduce churn with effective comments
  • Build relationships while maintaining high standards

Part 3: Write Better Code (1 hour, 41 minutes)

How to:

  • Craft functional, readable code
  • Scope a review properly
  • Get approval in fewer reviews
  • Address ambiguous feedback
  • Drive conflicts to resolution

Dynamic Programming Guide

Step-by-step solutions that everyone can follow easily for effective Dynamic Programming

Dynamic Programming Guide

Dynamic programming is a technique used in computer science and mathematics to solve problems by breaking them down into smaller subproblems and solving each subproblem only once, storing the results in a data structure to avoid redundant calculations. This ebook discusses this technique in detail. The guide is written in C++.

The guide includes the following topics:

  • What is Dynamic Programming
  • How to solve Dynamic Programming Problems
  • How to come up with a recursive solution
  • How to calculate the time complexity of a recursive solution
  • How to come up with an iterative solution
  • How to calculate the time complexity of an iterative solution
  • How to convert a top-down solution to a bottom-up solution

Building GitHub Actions

Increase productivity by automating developers task with GitHub Actions

Building GitHub Actions

The developer’s productivity should be utilized in writing code. But there are instances when they are involved in non-core or repetitive tasks. Automating repetitive tasks should be practiced to save developers time. GitHub introduced a CI/CD pipeline to automate tasks. It is called GitHub Actions.

With GitHub actions, we can automate tasks on triggers such as push, pull, fork, etc. We can also perform cron jobs too. It is one of the powerful features of GitHub that most developers don't know how to use effectively. This ebook provides a step-by-step guide to building your own GitHub Actions.

Git Commands Cheat Sheet PDF

51 commonly used Git commands and is available in light and dark mode

Git Commands Cheat Sheet PDF

As we discuss GitHub, let's now discuss Git. Git is a free and open source distributed version control system. It helps in collaborating between different developers of a codebase. GitHub is built on top of Git to manage the repository.

This product allows provide you a beautiful cheat sheet of Git commands in light and dark mode. It is available in JPG and PDF.

This Git cheat sheet includes common commands for:

  • Setting up Git
  • Starting a project
  • Making a change
  • Basic concepts
  • Branching
  • Merging
  • Rebasing
  • Undoing things
  • Reviewing your repo
  • Stashing
  • Synchronising local and remote repositories

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I hope, you will get useful knowledge and insight through the above GumRoad products. Thanks for reading the blog post.

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