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10 Free GumRoad products for Web Developers


Books are quite a good way of gaining knowledge. The traditional books for tech are huge in terms of pages and even can bore you sometimes. The latest ebooks comprised tons of knowledge compressed into short ebooks.

We are going to look into 10 awesome free GumRoad books that will have:

  • Tools and Resources⚒️
  • Tips and Guide📝
  • UI/UX design🎨
  • Roadmap🛣️
  • Cheatsheet🧾

The below ebooks are created by some of the awesome developers on the internet. Follow me on Twitter(@surajondev) to get notified earlier for such contents.

Now, let's start with the awesome list.

50+ Awesome tools for Web Developers

Rating: 4.5⭐️(8 ratings)

A curated list of tools and resources to help web developers learn, create, and increase productivity.

50+ Awesome tools for Web Developers

It's my latest ebook that has already been downloaded by more than 230 developers. You will get a variety of tools and resources for your web development projects. The resources are well categorized into 11 topics.

Some of the categories are:

  • Learning🧑‍💻
  • Code Editor✍️
  • UI Desing⚡
  • UI Component🚀
  • Animation🏃‍♂️

I have used these tools and websites in my web development projects.

2022 - Web Developer Roadmap

Rating: 5.0⭐️(14 ratings)

An extensive list of concepts and technical chops you should learn per week

2022 - Web Developer Roadmap

If you are new to web development then this book will provide you with a roadmap which free of clusters to follow. The book has divided the path into a 12-week plan to learn the different concepts of web development.

Few topics from the book:

  • HTML deep dive
  • CSS deep dive
  • JavaScript fundamentals

100 UI Library Basic

Rating: 4.8⭐️(184 ratings)

Kickstart any idea, understand, and level up as a designer.

100 UI Library Basic

A collection of 100 UI libraries to get inspiration for your next project. The library consists of a variety of designs such as:

  • Sign Up
  • Game
  • Onboarding
  • Movies
  • And 96 other

The UI designs are for mobile, especially for iOS but you can take inspiration to create your next web design.

Free Control Illustrations

Rating: 4.8⭐️(317 ratings)

Easy to change the colors and line weight to customize your design.

Free Control Illustrations

An awesome list of free illustrations that has humans with interesting activities. You can easily customize the color and look with tools such as Figma. The illustration is available in the form of a Figma file and PNG.

JavaScript in a nutshell

Rating: 4.6⭐️(42 ratings)

Everything is as short as possible.

JavaScript in a nutshell

A pdf consisting of most of the JavaScript concepts in a short and well-explained manner. You can easily brush up your knowledge about JS or look into it to understand any concepts.

Some of the topics are:

  • Why you should learn JS
  • Let, Const and Var
  • Operators
  • Data Types
  • Strings


Rating: 5.0⭐️(43 ratings)

100++ Infographics Covering JavaScript, TypeScript, And Solidity


A well-documented concept of JavaScript, TypeScript, and Solidity with infographics and explanation. This will come in handy if you planning to learn Web Dev and then Web3. All the information at one place to compare and learn the difference between the three programming languages.

Over 100 infographics containing tips and explanations about:

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • ethers.js
  • Solidity

Magic Components

Rating: 4.9⭐️(19 ratings)

A set of UI components built with Tailwind CSS and React.JS that powered the beautiful design of Magic Sidebar.

Magic Components

6 components are made up of Tailwind CSS in React with light/dark mode. Get the source code and run it on your machine to know the working better.

These components are built for a compact design that are mobile-friendly.


Rating: 4.9⭐️(59 ratings)

Bootstrap 5 Admin Template


100+ UI components built with Bootstrap 5. Get the source code and experiment with yourself.

A professional package that comes with hundreds of:

  • UI components
  • Forms
  • Tables
  • Charts
  • Pages
  • Icons

Dashboard UI Kit 3.0

Rating: 4.8⭐️(18 ratings)

The first and the largest design kit for web apps and dashboards developed in React

Dashboard UI Kit 3.0

The dashboard screens are available as Sketch, PSD, and Adobe XD files. The free sample has 2 screens to look out for. If you like it you can go for the paid version.

Git Commands Cheat Sheet

Rating: 4.9⭐️(58 ratings)

It contains 51 commonly used Git commands

Git Commands Cheat Sheet

Know about some most commonly used Git command through this product. The product comes with a dark/light theme PDF/Images.

This Git cheat sheet includes common commands for:

  • Setting up Git
  • Starting a project
  • Making a change
  • Basic concepts
  • Branching

PDF version is paid while Images are free. You can easily convert all the images into a pdf with online tools.

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I hope, you will get useful knowledge and insight through the above GumRoad products. Thanks for reading the blog post.

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