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Thanks for reading. I didn't know this is not the first time you mention my posts.

Not to confuse you more, but Scheme is not necessary "the" functional approach. There is like the long-standing confusion that LISP is functional programming from the 60s and we just now starting to grasp functional paradigm (I also believed it). But before Sussman, who in 1975 wrote Scheme, LISP was pretty far from functional programming, for example, it had goto.

I would say that Scheme shows one of the sides of functional programming (it at least has first-class functions). And Haskell shows a different side of functional programming - it is more closely modeled after Lambda calculus, it has lazy evaluation, same binding, Monads to use IO and keep functions clear.

If you want to read more about the history of functional programming I recommend to read this.

If you want to dive into Scheme I would recommend reading SICP, also you can watch lectures by the author.


Hey! Yea, I think you had a piece in either our first or second conversation.

Thanks for the history lesson; the historical approach is one of my preferred learning/teaching methods because it becomes much clearer why certain ideas and methods stuck (even though much of the time the answer is "just because"). I have my reading list pretty full just from doing this stuff and recording, but I have been meaning to put something a bit denser and... longer-term on my list, so thanks for the material.

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