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Writing a Leetcode Kotlin Android App - Day 0

Stephan Branczyk
・2 min read

My goal for this journal is to plan and document my development of a Leetcode-related Android application. Leetcode is a web site for studying Data Structures and Algorithm problems.

While there are many applications on Google Play dedicated to the study of Leetcode problems, none of them provide solutions in Kotlin.

And that's what I want to do. At the most basic level, I want to create an application that provides solutions in Kotlin.

My secondary goal is to also deepen my understanding of Leetcode problems. And to that end, aside from doing a Pramp every day, my plan is to provide a useful breakdown of those problems for studying purposes, and perhaps supplement some of those problems with animations or videos (just like this app does using animations, or just like this Chrome extension does using existing youtube videos).

With that said, I intend to keep the scope of this project as small as possible at the beginning. So the first iteration of this app will be extremely basic. It will have very basic functionality. And it will contain very few problems (taken from this subset of 75 problems). From that subset, I will try to identify the most canonical ones, then I will expand outward. In other words, my initial objective will be to focus on quality, not quantity.

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