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What inspired me to become a fullstack developer

I received a review from a user of my study app, which I uploaded to the Play Store in 2021. The review said, "This app helped me, but it didn't cover all the courses in 100-level Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Still, I want to thank the creator of this app." This review brought back memories of how this app helped me and my classmates during our first year at university.

I created the app during the COVID-19 break. I worked day and night to answer past questions and compile notes on all the topics we were studying. To my surprise, I achieved a GPA of 4.78 in my first year at university by using the app during the first semester exams.

The most significant thing about the app was the encouragement I received from our Google Group leader (GDSC) at my school. They encouraged me to create my own Google Play account and upload the app myself so I could gain experience in app development and distribution.

Creating a Play Store account and having just one app in it motivated me to create more apps and upload them to the Play Store. It felt like having an empty store online, so I kept creating and uploading apps. This journey has brought me to where I am today as a full-stack developer. I believe my work will speak for itself.

My primary goal at university wasn't just to earn a degree but to build a significant app project to share with my friends. Since my first year, I've made progress towards that goal by creating various study apps for different departments and other apps not available on the Play Store.

Today, I'm proud to say that I'm a full-stack developer. I'm currently working on our e-commerce startup website and app with friends who share similar goals. Even though I'm still in my fourth year of school, I'm already living my biggest dream.

Android app:

The study App:

I designed the website to resemble an app on mobile devices, knowing that I would eventually create an app using the same website. The website was built with Next.js 14, NextAuth v4, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, Prisma, MongoDB, Resend for sending emails, and others online tools.

When I attempted to build an app using the website with Android Studio's WebView, I encountered unknown errors. I also faced issues with Capacitor due to the dynamic routes and APIs in my Next.js code. Although Flutter didn't yield positive results, I didn't give up. Finally, I tried React Native Expo WebView, and it worked perfectly for the Next.js website.

I owe thanks to my brother Daniel for his constant encouragement and early coding lessons. I also want to thank @adrianhajdin, @antonioerdeljac for his free coding tutorials, @chaoocharles for his amazing tutorials and all my friends for their support. I hope to make you all proud someday.

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Fatemeh Paghar

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