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Creating an Indie Game -- Week 1


This is week one of making an indie game. The style is a 2D pixel art platformer. I'm not going to reveal much yet, but I'm hoping to have 3 stages, with the first stage being a grassy/forest environment, the second being in the caves, and the third being some sort of magma/mordor type environment.

So far I've made some tilesets for the game (I'm really trying to get better at pixel art during this time), added it into the game, added player physics, colliders to the blocks, and a dark shrine with a nice animation (this will come into play later).

Here are some screenshots of what I accomplished in a little under a week.

Image description
Image description

I still need to add more art, a player sprite, a background, and some post processing/lighting for the scene to look better. However, I'll hopefully be posting weekly updates on my development so follow me to stay tuned for that! I'm looking forward to sharing my progress!

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Michael Tharrington

The pixel art here looks dope — nicely done! I'm kinda getting Sonic vibes from it right now and that's a good thing.

s1ghb0rg profile image

Love it! Would love to see more, keep going at it!!!!!