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Samuel Collier
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Pepper Valley: A Game Made for Kajam! 2022

This week, I participated in the second annual Kajam!, a game jam hosted by Replit. The theme was "Spicy", and what nearly immediately came to mind was a farming game, like Stardew Valley, where you can grow different varieties of peppers and progress through farming levels.

I made the game in JS with p5.js, with the style being 2D top-down pixel art. Since, I was on vacation during the jam, I couldn't dedicate much time to the project, so I kept a decently small scope, and didn't create my own music. Otherwise, all the programming and art was done by me.

Here's the link to the game:
Note that it only works on a computer, it's not at all mobile friendly.

I also made a quick trailer for the game:

Hope you enjoy!

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