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One-click treat for Open Source maintainers

It's October. For some, a month of beautiful foliage, Halloween, and pumpkin spice. Some Open Source maintainers live through their own version of Halloween - the stream of PRs coming their way to celebrate HacktoberfestπŸŽƒ

At ViteConf earlier today, StackBlitz has just unveiled Codeflow. It is a tool that I have been using for the past few weeks to build our docs site, to quickly fix typos, and to review PRs. Codeflow is and will be free for Open Source projects and for public repos, just like other StackBlitz tools.

So, what's the charm? One click and the entire IDE for the PR boots up inside your browser. No more cloning, committing, running dependencies, stashing your local changes.

If you prefer to watch people do things instead of reading about it, let me show you how I reviewed a PR from my colleague today:

One-click solution to PR reviews

CodeflowApp bot is a part of StackBlitz Codeflow. Once you install it on your account, organization, or a single repository, it will detect PRs (and issues containing bug reproductions in StackBlitz) and immediately spin up an entire IDE so you can explore and review it.

CodeflowApp bot

Don't believe it? See it yourself on this pull request I prepared for you.

NOTE: you need to have a StackBlitz account.

But what is Codeflow?

Codeflow is a one-click integration with GitHub for seamless coding workflows.

StackBlitz now helps you switch contexts seamlessly:

  • Codeflow IDE is a fully fledged desktop-grade dev environment capable of running your whole workflow - from production-level dev work to reviewing pull requests.
  • Web Publisher is a publishing tool that makes editing docs or blogs pleasant thanks to a realtime preview of the changes.
  • is a short URL that can be used on any repository to explore code, a branch or an issue, to review a PR, or even to edit a file, all in a live environment with a realtime preview.
  • CodeflowApp is a friendly bot, which provides a one-click link that spins up the whole environment for pull requests and issues. No more context-switching or branch-checkouts, just a new browser tab with a full IDE and a dev server running.

At StackBlitz, we love our community. Don't be a stranger - join our Discord or reach out to me on Twitter with your StackBlitz ideas, dreams, and wishes!

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purplem1lk profile image

I love how easy-to-read and easy-to-understand this article is. What a great way to get people to adopt easily and with confidence. πŸ’ͺ Thanks for putting this content together, Sylwia! πŸ‘

sylwiavargas profile image
Sylwia Vargas

Ahhhh thank you for the kind feedback! It really changed my whole workflow and I wish more people knew about this tool.

alexanderberger profile image
Alexander Berger

Love the video tutorial and these gorgeous graphics!

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Mahmudul Hasan Rifat

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Mahmudul Hasan Rifat