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Project Background: part-1.0

Python programmer!
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I will be talking about my recent 6th semester team project here, "The Middleware Opensource Option/s".
Our objective was to explore the best alternate middleware opensource option for Java.
The reason behind choosing this project was, as we know that Java is not free for production use. The organization has to pay for the current version of Java SE 14.
So we thought of looking for an existing alternative for Java that is opensource followed by a POC (proof of concept).
This was our PLAN.

Exploring for us, was to choose the possible best one amongst the few good ones.
For this, we had to gather sufficient information.
So, I told my teammates to come up with 1 or 2 languages of their choice along with their respective features, advantages and disadvantages.

Once we had all the required information, we were all good to go for the ANALYSIS.
Some of the top features that we included were the; security, purpose, scalability, availability of libraries, community support, ease of use.
Keeping these above KPI (key performance indicators) into consideration, we compared and analyzed and then finally decided to choose Python as it was fitting best in our point of view.

Our next step was creating a website as a POC. And it was where I played a vital role. Right from planning, designing till the implementation (except for the frontend part) of the website was done by me.
Keeping the SDLC (software development life cycle) in mind, I happened to work on this.

You can view My detailed role in the project in part-1.1 of this series.


The design and implementation part will be covered in the part-2.0 of this series.

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