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What Will You Choose?

Python Game Project

This game was made as a portfolio project for Codecademy. This was an open-ended project where I could choose between a practical application or a game. I decided to take the more fun route and create a game. This project wasn't intended to be a completely original idea, just a way to practice coding skills and practice using GitHub.

Doors of Fate

Doors of Fate is a simple game where the user is asked to choose between two options. Each decision then leads to another choice until 10 decisions have been made, or until a particular decision has triggered another action. The user could win, lose, restart, or have a setback and have to make up to 3 additional choices. At the end, the game will determine the user's fate based on the choices made. The game was implemented using Python and runs in the terminal.

Link to project on GitHub

To conclude, because I'm still a beginner, this project was created for practice and to have fun. Please check it out and tell me what you think! Thanks!

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Thaísa Vieira

WOW, @stephrp12, this is so great! I loved you choice! I'd love to test it.