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What success means

This will be a small post until I have more ideas on what to post

Success to me

To me, success isn't about money, fame, or anything, if you have a goal, and you even complete some of that goal, that's what success is. For example, if you have this cool idea you want to make from scratch like a Discord bot, once you have made that bot, that's success.

Success in terms of programming

Some of us programmers expect to get a lot of money from this, don't lie I know you want that. That may be what success means to you, programming something big and having it take off, but just because something doesn't take off the way you expected doesn't mean you didn't succeed. Even if you complete the first page of a website you wanted to make that is success. Success doesn't need to be this big thing. Set goals for yourself and achieve those goals, now that is success. If you have an idea, make that idea a reality! Don't let anyone talk you down from it.

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Nícolas Gabriel

When I started programming things, my definition of success was exactly that, accomplish what i want. And that still is my "success" for side projects.

But now, after a year, my definition of success is more related to be known, so I can help more people and also get help from them, like a community.
and also get a job lol