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AI vs Humananity

First of all

I think AI is amazing, and quite frankly, one of the best inventions humankind has came up with!

I think with Artificial Intelligence we can reach new heights that humanity never even thought they could reach. Its just about when that happens, not if.

Can AI replace humans?

Now, I believe it can replace us in physical strength, speed, etc. Mentally? No, hell no!

I've seen a lot of people who use this AI art tool, and while fascinating, I cant help but think that its no where near human levels, and never will be. Why? The simple answer to that is creativity. A robot will never be able to be as creative as humans, I mean just think of a dog in your head right now, draw it and have it there for safe keeping. Now, let an AI draw it, are your drawings different? Exactly! You're different, an AI will just use that drawing and make the same thing over and over, meanwhile you can make it in your imagination over 1 million times and never get the same result

That's the beauty of the human mind, it never stops thinking, and it never stops thinking of something new! Something a robot could NEVER do, if a robot cant feel emotions towards creativity, why would it be creative? Why would it surpass us? HOW could it surpass us.

Now that's just my take on this subject, I know there's millions of takes that could argue with mine, but I'm dead set on humankind being more creative than a little robot.

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