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Open Source Marketplace Using Digitalocean App Platform

What I built

I create an open source marketplace where you can buy and sell your repo from github

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Sometimes, when a developer create a repo on github or any other git repository platform, they don't have the capability to get money from their repo other than donation, so in order to get some more money from their repo i create this platform, where you can sell or buy any repo from any developer while maintaning open source spirit, what does it mean to buy a repo in my platform? so sometimes people with only a fork repo doesn't have the ability to rename the project or change the description and whatever, forking only allow to change the code, with full ownership of the repo you can do anything with the repo. So let's say some of the repo you like doesn't have maintainer anymore and you love the maintainer and want to support the maintainer you can ask the maintainer to sell the repo on my platform then get full ownership of that repo. Or maybe if you want you can make the maintainer collaborator alongside yourself.

Link to Source Code


Deploy to DO

Build Setup

# install dependencies
$ yarn install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:3000
$ yarn dev

# build for production and launch server
$ yarn build
$ yarn start

# generate static project
$ yarn generate
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For detailed explanation on how things work, check out Nuxt.js docs.

Permissive License

MIT License


What inspired me is, sometimes when we install an npm package there is something written on it like npm fund to fund the project owner, or sometimes people that has great repo that used by many but doesn't get credit for it can create a mirror to that repo with some more feature that you don't get in public repo and sell that private repo for some more money, so actually this was my take on this whole open source funding, so that open source maintainer can still get to maintain the repo and sell some of the repo that he think has some more exclusivity than the public repo, so that they can get their credit for their open source work.

How I built it

I'm using nuxtjs as a frontend also as a static website in DO app platform, also i add backend using nodejs express in the same app but different component,and using postgresql as the database

Additional Resources/Info

  • Youtube tutorial to deploy app platform here

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