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So i want to explain more about what i want to do with this project of mine, so i want to create a platform where you can buy or sell repo from git repository platform, in this case i want to use github, because it's the most popular git repository platform out there, and i'm gonna explain what i mean by selling the repo here, so what i mean by selling is, selling the rights of that repo, so let's say somebody want to change the name of that repo, you can't just fork that repo right? or you want to disable action, or etc. that you can't just do using forking repo, you should have access to that repo that's why i create this platform to enable developer to sell their access to that repo while still maintaining their repo. You can also buy private repo here so you can get access to some feature of a repo, for example that doesn't exist in the public repo, so the possibility of this platform is actually limitless.

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