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Discussion on: Giving a Tech Talk, Multiple Times Over

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Basti Ortiz

I watch a lot of talks in YouTube. I have always wondered how those people get invited to talk in conferences. I would often ask what makes one eligible to be a speaker. Is it networking? Is it reputation? Is it out of the speaker's own initiative to ask the event organizer?

With that said, how were you able to secure a slot in the conference's lineup of talks? I'm really curious of how people like you get to talk in a conference. I find it really cool.

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Hayley Denbraver 👩‍💻🥑 Author • Edited on

Most conferences select speakers from a few different methods. Yes, some speakers are invited, especially people who give keynotes. How many are invited can vary a lot depending on the conference budget, whether it is a conference run by a company or if it is a conference run by a community, etc.

Conferences also tend to do a call for proposals/call for speakers where you can submit ideas. This i s how most speakers find their events. This is a pretty good list of resources:

If you are interested, you should submit to a cfp. Organizers love finding new speakers! It is good to get new voices and fresh ideas.