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Software engineer, developer advocate, technical content creator. Believes coding can and should be fun and that teams work best when they are inclusive. I am on the market right now.


Developer Advocate and Software Engineer

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I'm looking for work!

DevRel and community building with the Golden Ratio

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4 min read

#discussWhat have you been learning lately?

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The TL;DR for my Emergency Contact Twilio Hackathon Project

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Flexible and Extensible Emergency Contact Information with Twilio and Azure Functions

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Empathy in the time of COVID

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Security tips for Djangonauts

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Nevertheless, Code is Magic

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Somebody Else's Python

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Kubernetes Open Sourced their Security Audit. That's Awesome.

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Five things I knew about security, before I knew anything about security

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Docker images and playing cards: a security illustration

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How I Got Started

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10 Awesome Security Tips for Python Enthusiasts

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Giving a Tech Talk, Multiple Times Over

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